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Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer to introduce you to gift toys industry if the recovery, gift to upsurge!

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
In today's society, do what all is to rely on relationships, relationships, natural gifts that do not fall, toy products company specializing in the production of evade glue gifts toys/plastic gifts toys, often received each big customers custom orders, give customers the best service and quality, is our aim! As domestic toys, gift production and export base, guangdong is a barometer of industry status, according to the guangdong huangpu customs statistics, in the first half of this year, guangdong province, a total of 19 export toys. 14 $600 million, though lower than the same period last year. 1%, but exports in June 4. $100 million, rose 21. 4%, general signs. In terms of export markets, although the United States, the European Union and other major markets still year-on-year decline in exports, but the association of south-east Asian nations (asean), the Middle East and other emerging market growth is rapid, grow larger. Gift toys and thrive. In the process of promoting the development of gift industry, the exhibition plays an important role in service, shenzhen toys gift show invited to tens of thousands of professional buyers using large databases, let many exhibitors are full of anticipation to find new business opportunities. Beijing tai shi yi lian, nanjing and shenzhen lianchuang continuous exhibition companies said, 'before the environment, enterprises are not attend it doesn't matter, guests will find you, now the international market is not good, we should pay attention to from the exhibition development opportunity. Whether it is a holiday gift, award, the company welfare, toys gifts is a good choice, good toys can make people pleasing, pleasant mood, which contributed to the gift toy industry boom, in front of the high energy, a big wave of gift toys are coming, please look!
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