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Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer to introduce you to one year old child is suitable for what to buy toys

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Many parents will have a baby is going to be a lot of toys for your baby before a child is born, but because the child is small, so can play fewer toys, and who have just born baby, bought toys and need to have good safety performance, so, how to choose to buy within one year old child toy became a lot of troubles to parents. Today as a professional model toys, cartoon toys manufacturer should come to you talk about how to buy the baby suit his toys. Within a year old children should buy what kind of toys? 0 - 2 months baby toys recommended: black and white card. Baby within 1 month almost all day in sleep, wake up occasionally also can't see the surrounding environment, actually 2 months baby likes to see black and white, not color, so black and white CARDS, can cause the baby's interest. 3 - Recommendation: 4 months baby toys can grip with a bell, hanging up toys, ankle talking toys. 3 - 4 months baby will play with his own hand, will stretch out my hand to grasp things, grip strength to a certain extent, like bright red and yellow, so you can prepare to grasp a bell, or hang on baby bed colorful toys, can train the baby hand grip strength and coordination, can also tie a voice on the foot of toys, let the baby play with play. Within a year old children should buy what kind of toys? 5 - puzzle toy manufacturer 6 months baby: toy recommendation: colored blocks, extrusion can sound toys, bell, ball, etc. 5 - 6 months baby can sit to play, can accurately grasp what you want, and then use hand touch, bit it, with the eyes, so you can prepare color blocks, train baby's hands grip, changing hands ability; Can also be prepared to squeeze the audible toys, pinch the can happen, can exercise baby grip strength. 7 - Nine months baby recommend toys: color CARDS, small ball. 7 - Nine months of the baby will learn to crawl, the hand skills more, can accurately grasp, changed hands, throwing things, tao pocket. So can prepare size suitable for baby to grasp the ball, can play, let the baby chased the crawl and grasping ability training. In addition, still can prepare color card, can train the child's concentration. 10 - 12 months baby recommend toys: ball, color CARDS, wood blocks, music, etc. 10 - 12 months baby, can stand, but also can hold the walk, hand skills more fine, also can say some short words. Can prepare a few small ball, let the baby play lost the ball game, hold blocks can exercise the child's fine motor, fine motor training can also prepare some simple things, such as screw bottle caps, torn pieces of paper, such as the propeller-heads to put the stones on the container. Can also prepare some music toys, such as electronic organ, xylophone, give the child with music. In addition to the above Suggestions, parents should also pay attention to the observation, the children are interested in what kind of things, and give the child to play this kind of toy.
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