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Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer to remind you what are the cracking reasons

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Chap is puzzle toy manufacturers in the production of plastic products, one of the more common defects of the main reason is due to the deformation and stress. Residual stress, the external stress and the deformation and stress produced by the external environment. Residual stress is mainly due to the following three conditions, namely filling excess, stripping out and metal inserts. As in the case of excess filling cracks, the solution can be mainly in the following aspects: 1, due to the pressure loss minimum sprue, so, if occurrence the main cracks near the sprue, can consider to switch to a multipoint distribution points gate, side gate and handle gate way. 2, in guarantee under the premise of resin decomposition, degradation, can raise the temperature of the resin melt viscosity reduction, improve liquidity and, at the same time also can reduce the injection pressure, to reduce stress. 3, in general, die temperature is low, prone to stress should be appropriately raise the temperature. But when injected at high speeds, even if the lower mold temperature, also can reduce stress. 4, injection, and also can produce stress, the holding time is too long to shorten appropriately or Th time pressure switch effect is better. 5, an amorphous resin, such AS resin, ABS resin and PMMA resin such AS a crystalline resin such AS polyethylene, polyformaldehyde is easy to produce residual stress should be attention. Stripping out, because the draft small punch, plastic moulding and rough, make out force is too large, produce stress, even sometimes around the puller bleaching or fracture phenomenon. As long as careful observation of crack location, can be sure why. In injection molding of embedded metal parts at the same time, the most easy to produce stress, and easily cracks only after over a period of time, the harm is great. This is mainly due to the thermal expansion coefficient of metal and resin stress difference, but with the passage of time, the stress than gradual degradation of the resin material strength and crack generation. In order to prevent the resulting cracks, as experience, wall thickness 7 'universal polystyrene and embedded metal his diameter basically not suitable for appropriate to add inserts, minimal effects on nylon inserts. Due to the small thermal expansion coefficient of glass fiber reinforced resin materials, more suitable for embedded parts. In addition, the molding of metal insert before preheating, also has a good effect. Everyone know to puzzle toys the cause of the crack is that clear? Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer here today is not much said, a friend in need, welcome to inquire order!
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