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Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer to teach you how to choose a toy

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Now baby puzzles toys more and more varieties, but the jigsaw puzzle with its bright color, high cost performance compare, and compare with solid, so was the baby and parents alike. However, we cannot ignore is possible that these puzzles toys have time coerce babies health killer. So, how to sample selection safe secure toys parents compare with another headache. Now provide some choice puzzle toys should pay attention to the details of the parents have some reference. Baby need careful a jigsaw puzzle to choose especially to look at the gloss and color brilliance of toy quality jigsaw puzzle on the gloss and color brilliance is much more than fine inferior toys. This is due to the high quality of jigsaw puzzle usually use PVC, PP, PE and other plastic raw materials manufacturing, plastic itself is very glossy. While many inferior toys usually adopt 'material' ( The waste plastics recycling and processing of materials) And after reprocessing into color variation. Colour and lustre is not necessarily can guarantee good must be safe, but poor gloss, bright color level difference is safe hidden trouble of the product. Two depends on the thickness of the toys jigsaw puzzle the biggest feature is its waste or is one-time injection molding parts, if the lining plastic toys is too thin, when children play is easy to broken, drop, plastic brittle fracture produce little pieces, sharp edges and corners, to develop risk for the baby. Normal status edges or plastic in the middle of the arc wall than other central thicker, such increased damage when a toy fall to the ground to accept ability, reduce the damage level. Third, we need to see the toy of the 3 c certification and the label to clarify the 3 c certification is short for China compulsory product certification. Puzzles toys should pass the nation compulsive product certification, is to have 'CCC' mark. If there is no 3 c certification, product packaging to clarify the product belongs to the fake and inferior products. 3 c mark is not a quality mark, however, is a kind of safe authentication, the foundation can only prove that the product qualified, can't prove product performance is very good. Also, check the manufacturer, producing area, main material composition, warning signs, such as product certification label.
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