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Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer will appear in the process of injection molding bubble solution techniques

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Jigsaw raw material: is made by high polymer synthetic resin ( Polymers). As main ingredients penetrate into all sorts of auxiliary materials or additives, under certain temperature and pressure has plasticity and liquidity, can be molded into a certain shape, and under certain conditions keep unchanged shape material. Jigsaw puzzle some oil extracted from much of the raw materials, the most familiar part of the PC material is refined from the oil, PC material at the time of burning a petrol; ABS are derived from coal, ABS in burn off when soot shaped; Derived from natural gas, POM POM at the time of burn down there will be a very smelly gas smell. Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer production injection molding, often appear the air trapped inside the plastic parts, forming small or string pore air bubbles, this said it's not a big problem said little not small, but always there will be a really a headache. So the main cause of plastic air bubbles: first, and if the poor production equipment exhaust system, no exhaust gas in time; Secondly, if in the production process of injection too fast; Thirdly, if the cooling time of plastic in the process of production control improper cause uneven local temperature; Fourth, if the production process of charging too little or too much; Fifthly, the production process, the equipment of the holding pressure too low or the holding time is too short; High water content caused by the raw materials be affected with damp be affected with damp, water molecules in the produce process or other low molecular volatile matter does not discharge in time; Its seven, plastic raw material in the cylinder is too long time to stay; The eight, the melt temperature is too high; Plastic bubble solution: 1, improve the mold temperature, reduce the injection time and cycle; 2, design cannot leave thickness disparity is too big of a plastic parts; 3, use good raw materials to ensure that raw material particle size, don't make the diameter size difference is too large; 4, reproduction materials after drying, water content will control the 5, check the exhaust system, make sure there are no blocked the channel 6, control the pressure maintaining parameters.
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