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Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturers share toys odor removal methods

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Sometimes just bought jigsaw puzzle has a peculiar smell, this is very dangerous for children. Children like to put the toy in mouth to bite you. Ran to the child body odor and bacteria. So how to remove the peculiar smell of the jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer to tell you: 1, the smell heavy to clarify the quality of the plastic is not very good, the best should be placed outside or ventilated place spread peculiar smell. 2, can use diluted detergent to wash, such as peculiar smell no or weak to neglect to use again. 3, wipe with dry dishcloth toys, play under the sun shines, drying time is too long, then the object completely circulation place for two days. 4, adsorption method, make plastic products touch to appropriate milk, vinegar, baking soda, brackish water and waste tea, rice water or the water that clean out rice, because skin, pineapple pieces, Good quality) , white wine, dilute sulphuric acid ( Quality time) Such as detergents, through the moment must be able to remove part of peculiar smell. 5, join the balmy agent: this approach can hide peculiar smell, cannot be eliminated. Balmy agent in addition to flavour is usually used in toys, daily products, cosmetics, household appliances and gardening equipment. Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer here remind you at the time of buying toys, to regular places to buy toys, if there is peculiar smell good do not buy as far as possible. Quality relative to the better choice.
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