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Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturers tell you new toy production process

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Two plastic electronic toys manufacture process. Fundamental parts classification - plastic electronic toys According to the raw material, the primary is divided into five categories: ( 1) Plastic class fundamental components ( 2) Hardware parts ( 3) Electronic components ( 4) Toys, wool clothing ( 5) Plastic parts processing - at all Contains two aspects: forming and exterior decoration. Plastic ultimate parts are 1) After injection ( Injection molding in selection of plastic molding method, suitable for all part thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic, making most of the plastic toys are fundamental components after injection molding) The molding and evade glue way; ( 2) According to the requirements of different decoration selection of fuel injection, silk screen, pad printing, hot stamping and plating method for exterior decorative pieces of plastic. Toys cloth garment processing - Fundamental way first contains three aspects: cutting, exterior decoration and sewing. ( 1) According to the shape of the template, tailored using corresponding things will be divided into several fabric cuttings of the required size ( 2) Accordance with the requirements of toy planning, choose appropriate appearance decoration method ( Such as computer embroidery, screen printing, thermal transfer and offset printing, etc. ) The fabric appearance decoration processing ( 3) After sewing process to separate cutting piece is combined into the whole, put in storage after QC inspection qualified. Metal parts processing Plastic electronic toys in the hardware parts is primary axis classes and class, usually choose outsourcing, toy manufacturers only put forward the corresponding technical requirements. Axial wire is chosen mostly hardware parts, a brief structure generally choose shear processing, special structure often choose turning processing, surface finish grinding method should be used when the demand is higher. Is chosen mostly piece parts stamping processing, resident office equipment for punching machine. PCB processing - Refers to the instrumentation electronic components on the PCB board and the corresponding measures of welding process ( PCB is control part of the jigsaw puzzle) The primary manufacturing processes as shown. 3. Plastic electronic toys installation and inspection, the first step for plastic materials. The second step, ingredients with color. The third step, glaze makes boring. The fourth step, injection molding. Fifth, to the gate. Step 6, view and packaging. Step 7, the recovery of the waste.
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