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Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturers to share how to let children manage their own toys

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturers believe home basic see such a situation, there is a child a child's play out everywhere, throw, throw up to adults, the children play, and make all over the place. Puzzle toy manufacturers think we should let children themselves to toys, to cultivate a child toys after their good habits, several methods to share a jigsaw puzzle toys manufacturer, patience guide good habits if the instructions, urged, yelling, desert, threatening emotional contact with children's amusement and toys are often in a piece, the consequences is children don't want to play, also don't want to clean up. Second, the environment of the game are spread out as far as possible to the toy, is better for children to see and get, utilization rate is higher. Three, can't use the find a toy toy if already have the damaged part, should be classified as 'clean' without hesitation. About those no longer applicable as children grow up toys, also should give up. If done properly, children are not only a treasure toys teaching, but also learned in life how to select 'save' or 'give up'. Four, toys replacement using have many toys for children too, it is difficult to reach the expected to play. As temporary storage first part, wait for a moment to take out 'cycle' to replace. The advantage is that children in a certain period of time to focus on fewer toys. When parents frequently to 'cycle' toys, children can remain permanently a novelty.
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