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Jigsaw puzzle with six walnuts cooperation

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-12

six walnuts puzzle together. Jigsaw puzzle is not the first time to cooperate with big brands at home and abroad. Do the three-dimensional puzzle the industry already has a history of 15 years, in the process of growing, we gradually with the international first-line brand amway, nestle milk powder, kraft worked, with many domestic brands have also launched many deep cooperation. Mengniu, yili, three yuan milk powder, DiSha children's wear, these brands are chosen, choose the puzzle for cooperation. As the ancestor of cartoon three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, has been the product quality as the soul of the company. Company leadership has been emphasized that the neglect of quality product, there is no life is irresponsible. Every year in the past 15 years, the company take the initiative to apply for a third party eu toy safety testing, one-time by testing every time. In 2005, the nestle milk powder selected cooperation milk powder gift; In 2009, kraft to see the design ability, let us for their company's cookies tailored gift the little prince little prince castle. In 2011, Beijing's big press have cooperation with the company, I think they just value the company's production capacity and quality control ability, along with the social from all walks of life of intellectual property rights is becoming more and more attention, I believe that the choice of cooperation company, must be value the strong design capabilities, to the attention of the original product, and the company for the protection of the original product. In the fifteen years, through our efforts of the whole office, the popularity of our brand in the industry more and more high, the cartoon three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle industry leader. In recent 67 years, the market emerged a lot of fake clones of small processing plants and family workshops. Well-known brands of domestic fast pin product industry six walnuts in numerous manufacturer this time chosen as his partner. I believe that the international and domestic famous brand choice and cooperation is by no means accidental. This is in our ability to design, the product quality of the biggest sure. Today, six walnuts first shipment loading on schedule to send away. Among the many sure I believe that we are bound to have a greater sense of responsibility, we must build Chinese and even the world's most safe toys, let each of our children grow up in childhood have a safe and happy memories! If you also want to customize order related classes of three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle gifts, welcome to call our custom line 13506896898 to inquire. < News & gt; - - - To cooperate with mengniu future star - - Jigsaw puzzle to cooperate with three yuan milk powder - - - - - - - - Castle puzzles - For DiSha children's clothing custom gifts - - - - - - - - - - - - - Editor 01 sourcing consultant LTD. All rights reserved reprint please indicate the source
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Overall, jigsaw puzzles for kids may be a great way for manufacturers to expand their use of technology, but the price could present a significant hurdle for some businesses.
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