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ngahi bidois: jigsaws fitting reflection of life\'s puzzles

by:Lovelybird Toys     2019-11-30
The highest price for my whanau Christmas gift is $15, so I was surprised to receive a big package from my wife.
I was even more surprised to see that she bought 6x500
Complete the puzzle for just $10.
To be honest, my first thought is, when do I have time to do puzzles in a busy life?
So my puzzle education started.
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Make time to do \"slower\" activities.
I realized that I had to take time out of my busy life to do some slow activities like puzzles and reading books.
I would often read books on the plane, but taking the time to do the puzzle is a whole new level. Lesson Two -
Wish you a happy life.
The six puzzles my wife bought me are not ugly photos, they are beautiful photos of amazing scenes.
The photos in our life should also be beautiful photos.
Whether it\'s our entire whanau fluent speaking te reo Maori, everyone is in good health, successful through business, or achieving goals, the photos of our lives are made by us, no one wants a picture of life that is deliberately ugly.
The picture of our life should be beautiful. Lesson Three -
Start with the boundary.
Boundaries are puzzle pieces that are easy to find because they have a straight line edge, usually with clear colors, and are easier to connect with each other.
I compare the boundaries of the puzzle to the boundaries of our lives, which also have a straight line, hopefully clear, or should be clear.
That is to say, they are boundaries and values in our lives, defined as the bottom line we are not prepared to compromise or cross.
Or allow others to change for this in our lives. Lesson Four -
How we combine puzzles together is free and flexible.
We can start at the corner or move to another area at any time.
Life is similar if we allow it.
On any day, we can find ourselves involved in various activities based on the available \"fragments\" or activities and our interests at the time.
In fact, we can break our whole life and see that we participate in activities in all areas of life according to our own choices.
It is hoped that we will make the right choices and make the most of the right opportunities to create freedom at that time. Lesson Five -
I got six puzzles, which reminds me of a lot of them at any time in my life.
For example, my professional jigsaw puzzle can take me anywhere in the world at any time.
I have my professional director, jigsaw, who can see me making huge decisions in various Hui groups on any day of the week.
I also have my whanau puzzle to see me and one of my kids in either the Avalon River or a cafe in Auckland.
In each of my puzzles, my values and boundaries are the same throughout my life and decide which puzzles I choose to build.
How\'s your life going?
Do you have time to slow down and relax?
Do you have values and bottom lines in your life and you don\'t cross or allow others in your life to cross?
What is your life puzzle like?
Is there any ugly picture that can be removed?
What are the various areas or puzzles in your life, such as whanau that you are building one by one.
I\'m sure when my wife bought me six puzzles for $10, she wasn\'t going to give me all these classes or she did give me.
Especially considering that I am a big part of her life puzzle, because she is mine, one piece at a time after 32 years of marriage.
I think the 10 bucks she spent on me was the best.
Can\'t wait to see what I got for a full $15 next year.
From te Arawa, Ngahihi o Te ra is a professional speaker, professional director, columnist, businessman, husband and father. www. ngahibidois.
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