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Novelty toys at the nuremberg international toy fair

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-28
Novelty toys at the nuremberg international toy fair

2012 nuremberg international toy fair a few days ago in the southern German city of nuremberg, a total of 2776 companies from 62 countries and regions. Go to the site and have a look. Walk into 2012 nuremberg international toy fair exhibition hall, various modified and new toys overwhelmed. Although the current financial situation is not optimistic, but the toy manufacturers generally optimistic bullish market, have launched new products to attract customers. Dance dance, body of the little robot flexible dog and lego version of transformers, believe that no matter children or friends will be attracted to, and stop viewing experience. Keen on football players can try Dutch golay Atlantis toy companies bring new table football game, this product is scheduled for the second quarter of 2012. The new car racing game with the aid of a tablet with an external small cars, can let the players feel more challenge on virtual circuit and the authenticity of the game. Jigsaw puzzle is a mind and ability of observation test sensitivity to players, new touch three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, suitable for players of all ages, in addition to the more concentrated attention, the game also need is nimble fingers. Germany hu DORA toy firms will look to roller skating at the market, the new roller skating is expected to double to win with appearance and function, become the latest must-haves in the skaters, led street sport a new boom. This kind of roller skating is scheduled for sale in mid-february, each pair sold for 79 euros, or about $103. International toy fair in nuremberg, Germany held once a year, is the best-known and most influential in the field of global toy, has the largest number of one of the three largest toy fair exhibitors. This year is the 63th nuremberg international toy exhibition, exhibition will last until February 6, the expected there will be more than 80000 people to visit.
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