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Often use their brains, more to play three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-12
Often use their brains, more play the three-dimensional puzzle

a truck full of six walnuts three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle box has been ready, this is our puzzle again of success, to cooperate with domestic first-line brand again, believe that six walnuts will bring our 3 d puzzle into more families. This is not our and first-line brand cooperation, for the first time, six walnuts also is the second cooperation, neat boxes, filled with the crystallization of our labor & ndash; — 3 d puzzle. Luyu said every advertisement often use their brains, drink six walnuts, which has the same effect with our 3 d puzzle is, six walnuts with material comfort brain cells, we transfer puzzle by spirit tired brain cells, methods, effect is the same. So, to borrow luyu AD to our puzzle do a propaganda: often use their brains, more play the three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. Six walnuts (jigsaw puzzle together again The graph is loading scenarios) Hope that our stereo images into luyu, fly to a broader heaven and earth!
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