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One of the most lovely people. 。 。

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-10
One of the most lovely people. 。 。

today is the Mid-Autumn festival, the statutory holidays. In the morning, lazily lie on the dormitory bed I didn't want to get out of bed. Suddenly, heard bang - company workshop there shop on the first floor - Bam - - The voice of the indentation machine. Who is it so hard? The holiday is still in work overtime? Went out of the window, I saw on the first floor shop opposite the window, trying two figure: the original is creasing workshop as a teacher, another is older partner master Chen. My heart seems to produce a kind of respect to them and deeply moved. The holiday or after work in the factory, there are many colleagues sacrifice their rest time, voluntary overtime work. Do in entity stores to sell small, lobular colleagues, such as the third floor workshop packaging three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle colleagues, maybe they quietly doing their own work every day, not too many words. But they have the best of our Chinese nation traditional virtue: hardworking, willing to endure hardship, willing to devote quietly! These are the most lovely person in our company. Salute to you! If you are interested in the above 3 d puzzle, please click on the online customer service or call our sales hotline. Want to know more products, please click here. < More recommended & gt; Boss to participate in the new situation of private enterprise growth breakthrough peak BBS service employees work a little for you by heart
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