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Paper and bubble of three-dimensional puzzle really non-toxic harmless?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-28
Paper and bubble of three-dimensional puzzle really non-toxic harmless?

in recent years, the paper three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle in the domestic market is very popular. Is getting up a lot of the three-dimensional puzzle manufacturers. Many parents will spend a few yuan or even hundreds of yuan to buy a child. On the packaging for each manufacturer wording, non-toxic harmless. However these different manufacturers products non-toxic harmless really like what they say? Let's analysing: this kind of products in the European Union, the United States and our domestic standard basically has the following three points: 1. Physical and mechanical properties of the part mainly includes the fall detection, small parts, sharp edge detection, tensile testing, pressure testing, seam eye, ear, nose, tension, torsion test, etc. To hold toys testing of products mainly for the detection of small components, in order to prevent children eating cause suffocation; 2. Product flammability test, in the paper on the market the three-dimensional puzzle that generally there is no problem; 3. Toxic metal elements content test, namely product migration of certain elements. In May 2009 to ban the potential risk of material migration of heavy metals in the toy, the original eight heavy metal test EN71 - the European Union 3 expanding requirements for 19. For paper three-dimensional puzzle, heavy metal largely depends on the color printing ink used in the product surface quality: as you all know, poor ink lead content is exorbitant, can affect the growth of children. With poor ink printed product surface ink turbidity dim, a gray color, also with strong pungent smell of ink. Good ink printed product surface light, color saturation is pure, with a faint scent of ink. Your child's hand and direct contact with the product surface, and hand to mouth contact, such a great influence on children. Lead to damage the nervous system can lead to children's developmental disorder, mental retardation in children, immune suppression, and anemia, calcium damaged height growth. 4. Paper and glue used in the foam of framed: simple is generally do not have what problem, paper and bubble is stable. But paper and foam used for mounting the there is a big difference in the glue: glue is according to certain proportion deployment from a variety of chemical raw materials. The safety of the chemical raw materials and mix glue after stability is very important. Poor glue cheap, the raw material is very difficult to guarantee the security and stability of products, and the produced such products hazard and risk is greatly improved. So every parent in the amount of their choice for their children toys, paying special attention to above points, must not covet is cheap, making the child!
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