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Paper bubble three-dimensional puzzle, Russian customer favorite

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-09-03
Paper bubble three-dimensional puzzle, Russian customer favorite

when he was recalled in store internship, what impressed me most is the Russian customer, every time he comes, would say bubble paper three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle I love your family, while Chinese speak not very standard, but also very sincere! Russia's customers in the Russian customer yes old customer, the name is very long, don't remember, he is a very like to talk, especially like to express in Chinese, is also very warm, because working time is long, he will often come to our factory inspection, also will come to our store to see samples, do you have any new ask some bubble paper three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, each time to store, and we like good friends, in addition to chat some things on the business, will be talking about life! He just want to happy, every time when we chat of very happy! Remember the first time I saw him was at the time of store internship, Russia entered then our salesman to his customers to find the latest paper bubble three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, and occasionally a few pictures with a camera, mouth read aloud, this, my favorite! Eke out eke out mouth to point a face from time to time, also made everyone laugh, walk out the door, he happily said thank you. That sentence thank good astringent. But it is also quite sincere. Paper bubble three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle stereo for 17 years, partners are all over the world, such as the international well-known brand McDonald's, the United States the Walt Disney company, the domestic has six walnuts, nestle, etc! Mainly distributed in Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States, and the Middle East, a strong design team, every month to launch of the original paper bubble three-dimensional puzzle products, customers all over the world. , professional 3 d puzzle wholesale manufacturers, currently has more than 300 products for customers to choose, such as three-dimensional puzzle to us products you have any questions or Suggestions, please click on online consulting, or toll-free hotline:. , always welcome you! Seen net friend also look at this article: customer: planting the three-dimensional puzzle in an entity toy shop sell Thanksgiving flash: thanks for the customers all the way with the new 3 d puzzle, let the children learn in fun planting three-dimensional puzzle strength help fair customer rijin 1000 yuan can grow three-dimensional puzzle bring infinite business opportunities - run river temple fair customers - - - - - Editor: all rights reserved, ) Reprint please indicate the source
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