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Paper educational toys new definition

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-31
Physical educational toys new definition

in recent years, with the transformation of education idea and parents are becoming more and more pay attention to the child mental enlightenment, parents choose toys for children in addition to fun safety, environmental protection, educational, educational, and interactive more focus on by his parents. Under this background, the recycled paper educational toys into the parent view. Let the children learn playing paper to play educational toys rookie Illinois university study found that the toy can stimulate each brain neurons grow 25% more synapses, kids often play with toy their brains than their peers by 20% ~ 30%. In the present, of parents pay more and more attention to intellectual enlightenment educational toys will undoubtedly become the best education children appliance. Now the parents are willing to spend money on their kids, especially for children's educational toys, the main reason is the educational toys to develop children's intelligence, a sales for many years engaged in children's toys industry insiders say. Sinolink securities research report pointed out that the healthy personality is more and more attention in the early childhood education, the Ministry of Education advocated the kindergarten, children in the form of gaming directly operate the form of education activities, under this background, the educational toys. Speaking of educational toys, one of the most famous is the lego of France. Spells build by laying bricks or stones of lego toys accompanied by countless children's growth, its 2015 earnings, according to the Chinese market's revenue growth rate as high as about 40%, educational toys at home. Children's educational toys and lego commonality is the largest DIY properties. At present, the products of modern science and technology paper covers all kinds of paper 3 d puzzles, children can choose according to their own interests. By paper and cultivate their environmental protection consciousness, the personage inside course of study thinks, because of the high demand for children to update speed of the toy, many toys in the short term after use it was a waste of frequent purchases, frequently caused a lot of waste. The characteristics of recycled paper can be recycled well solve the problem, not only reduces the family toy cost expenditure, also save the resources effectively. According to introducing, the modern science and technology paper educational toys are all made with recycled paper as raw material of corrugated paper and kraft paper. Children's dreamworks series products are paper as the main series of educational toys, science and technology in the development of children's thinking at the same time, can help instill the child care for the environment, love the life concept of environmental protection, the children through the hands of the recycled paper toy really involved in environmental protection. American educator Su Nadan dijk says: tell me, I will forget, show me do, I will remember, let me in, I will understand completely. Zhang Xiaocong believes that the toy is a baby initiation textbooks, and early childhood education knowledge carrier, but also the partner of children. Recycled paper toys can be environmental protection concept is very good area for children. Paper play link children and parents to strengthen the interactive education experts believe each other, accompany and care, and is the first step of family education. In the past, parents often give their children play toys. A growing number of studies show that the interaction between children and parents in the process of their growth plays an irreplaceable role. In Zhang Xiaocong view, collaborative interaction between family education atmosphere is paper maker has always advocated the concept of science and technology, with the aid of image intuitive toy games with children's education effect often than parents' preaching words. Educational toys interaction as the core, many of them need parents with children to complete. Parents with initiated to interact with children's toys, transfer and expression on the child care, encouragement, comfort and support, while teach children knowledge, can bring the child collaboration, trust, respect, the growth of the environment. Children can splicing paper toys together with their parents in the park, play games together. With the parent-child paradise with fancy paper toy as the center, such a platform, provide interactive education services to children's healthy growth is our mission, is also our efforts in the direction of, Zhang Xiaocong said. Factory specializing in the development and production of various kinds of paper three-dimensional puzzle, the three-dimensional puzzle can not only cultivate their ability, and improve spatial imagination, also can enhance creativity and logical thinking ability, has the very strong attraction to the children, to get the recognition of the global market.
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