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Parents choose jigsaw prone to error

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Some parents in perfect and blindness when choosing a jigsaw puzzle, some parents and peer, chose some expensive jigsaw puzzle, but I do not consider jigsaw practical value. Children leave the toys, but when many parents in the jigsaw puzzle toys for the children choose, tend to fall into the following error: 1, the expensive is the good many parents think that the more expensive toys, for children's intelligence development Lie well. The toys in the child's hand to move a few times was bad, became a pile of scrap metal, parents blame their children, not only can make children get into the habit of not sparing items, at the same time will hurt the child's self-esteem, confidence, and the 'high-tech' toys children do not play at all. So don't puzzle toys for your good. 2, more is better, too many toys, not only for grownups increase trouble, also easy to distract children. Children from a toy to another kind of toys, and the results of any kind of toy is not too big interest, it is hard to get into. At the same time, too many toys still can make children become another, not sparing toys, and induce or culture constantly have their bad habits. 3, buy is good, in fact, children like to play is not necessarily to spend money to buy toys, sand, stone to, dried fruit shell and empty shampoo bottles must be clean, O these operations can be performed. Tend to make them know, cherish very much, and get great pleasure. 4, advanced educational puzzles toys was the child's cognitive learning portal, to the child's psychological development and intellectual development has an important role. But parents buy jigsaw puzzle can not blindly, must speak point of science, follow some principles.
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