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Plant growth process of three-dimensional puzzle, only three or four days

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-30
Plant growth process of three-dimensional puzzle, only three or four days

plant breeding process of three-dimensional puzzle is very simple, breeding period is short, 1 - 2 days will sprout, and then watered, growth, less than 4 days can grow good, very good oh! Planting three-dimensional puzzle sowing stage: the nutritional soil in planting groove, paving. Sprinkle the seeds in the nutritional soil surface sink, water to wet slightly with respect to ok. On the window or in the office, avoid direct sunlight! The early stage of the seed germination: nutritional soil permeability is good, at the beginning of the seed germination, moist water it every day 1 time, 1 - this process 2 days! Growing up: look, kind of down in the morning the day before yesterday, this morning to see, just grow pale green seedlings! The seed germination after long particularly fast, it's really good, the during pouring 1 - every day 2 times water is ok! The fourth day, the time to witness the miracle. Long is so good, in the office, everyone there is a growing public desk three-dimensional puzzle, grow all kinds of plants, see green, is not only a good ornament, but also can beautify the air, great! Planting three-dimensional puzzle see netizens is how to evaluate the plant three-dimensional puzzle of 1. Really good baby son received began to assemble the seed down for 3 days I take opposite sides-to hold the very nice baby very realistic 2. Good, the child to ask my mother for a while when the teeth ah, ha ha really super good coax children, with a things very interesting 3 design. Suitable for older children's jigsaw puzzle, creative, still can let children feel the sowing and harvesting, 4. The second bought, for 6 years old girl a little bit difficult, but very like, after together very happy. Seeds germinate in not a few days, every day to see her little plants, really good. , three-dimensional puzzle wholesale manufacturers, planting jigsaw puzzle is a very worth to recommend the three-dimensional products, if you have any questions or Suggestions for us this product, please click on online consulting, or toll-free hotline:. , always welcome you! Seen net friend also look at this article: can grow paper puzzle, best parent-child interactive toy stalls sell like hot cakes supplies wholesale, preferred to three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle can grow - grown children The most worthy of promoting educational toys can grow three-dimensional puzzle, N good tell you wholesale stalls boss again 10 things can grow three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle puzzle - planting Wind farm grows puzzles - Happy farm planting puzzles - Pastoral scenery puzzle - planting Oasis - stone town - - - - - Editor: all rights reserved, ) Reprint please indicate the source & gt;
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