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Puzzle size, your friends

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-30
Puzzle size, your friends

the sun is shining, the awaken of spring is abundant, in such a warm weekend, magic puzzle activities in size friends participate in the event has been lasted for the whole afternoon to invite a lot of children, there are some puzzles lovers involved. In the interesting puzzle game, the children not only learned the knowledge of the puzzle, also exercise the keen observation and hands-on coordination. Every child careful operation and explore, to have a big harvest! The puzzle of the game also has carefully selected staff. There are suitable for the kid's cartoon puzzle and challenging the three-dimensional puzzle, meet the needs of different puzzle enthusiasts. The children carefully study the drawings, understand the puzzle of structure, while some 3 d puzzle is difficult, but you still insist on to the end, completed the task of the day. Busy with friends is the most precious of the puzzle, one side of the parents is also actively involved in it. One parent said: can seldom have time to talk to kids so that work together to finish a game. Didn't know that my child is very thoughtful! The atmosphere was abnormal. When a friend is spelled a three-dimensional football, a side of onlookers clients are cheering for his children in the game at the same time also learned to share with a partner and have a small business owners and visiting customers become good friends in the activity, when he left also reluctantly. On the same day to the east of blessing mansion house of customers is also very much, joy, and elegant tea, many for the first time visiting also showed high participation intention client, hope next time have the same kind of activities can also be invited. Adults also like a child, in guiding the children themselves have a shot at the same time.
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