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Puzzle toys manufacturers tell you play is not that simple

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Many professionals have said that, now on the market of educational toys so full of beautiful things in eyes, however, not all educational toys are 'real', is a large part of crown 'educational' children's toys are not many educational component, that is, the so-called educational toys and worthless, they just be artificially high value of the senior toys. 'In a very general but type of music is popular with young mom and dad like toy, for example, sales personnel will be eagerly, the words of this attitude of toys can let children music, etc, can be enhanced. In fact, there are a large part of the not so strange, it just very general toys toys. 'Mr Li said with great experience. According to a person under reporters referred to in the industry, now there are a lot of educational toys for the children education learning influence, however, there is also a part of others. There are some things we did not see, for example industry development planning to how hard, they really can plan developed the true sense of the educational toys. Such as this! If there is a tacit know satisfy consumers will carefully some of the work, for example, a very general children's toys just added a different look very trendy elements has been greatly raised its value ( The value of product value and play toys) 。 Young mom and dad won't have to meet a calm blindly seeking 'educational' this two word, they be to properly give children toys, whether educational or not puzzle. It is understood that the children's toys are various, have relatively more traditional types of blocks puzzle toys, also has a remote control electric and other types of new toys. But children's toys, while saying is strange, but also is so two types, one is static, the other is dynamic. Now some parents think educational toys should be dynamic combination, lets the child's hands and brain eye and so on various aspects at the same time be able to work, to take this training, and cultivate their various aspects of technology, and behavior. Experts say, children's toys should not just to play and play, whether educational toys, or the educational toys, toys, games can improve personal talents, it is worth to continuously update to touch the toy. Followed the people to the progress of mentality, the science is the bear by people, what kind of children's toys for children, of course, also can't make an exception, the detection of the young mom and dad, and other consumer intelligence and ability.
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