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quotes from bill belichick after the conclusion of the draft

by:Lovelybird Toys     2019-11-25
The Patriots coach Bill Belichick reflected on the NFL draft.
Here are all his comments.
BB: It\'s been a long day here today.
Starting with Josh [Boyce]
Round four.
Josh has a great career at TCU.
Very good kids, strong, tough, fast.
He has a good production there.
We put him at the top of the turn as a receiver, and then we had quite a bit of time.
During that time, we finally reached an agreement with Tampa for LeGarrette [Blount]
We are glad he is here.
I think he is a good football player.
He has a lot of production.
I think he got into a situation last year where they apparently went [Doug]
Martin, but I think he is a good football player. We are very happy to join us.
And then we [Michael]
Buchanan from Illinois
He has a good career in Illinois.
He was there playing with a lot of good passing hands.
He has production every year at a good meeting, a stable player.
In the end of course there is Steve bohanayis, who is a center-back at Rutgers University, who is another truly productive person, a truly smart football person.
We are fighting the free agent-a lot of people are out there.
Of course, it\'s a little quick and furious for posts
In the draft, all 32 teams are trying to chase a lot of the same people.
We\'ll see how it turns out, but we\'ll throw it out.
Hopefully by Monday we\'ll be able to get back to normal and bring them here next weekend and start playing at rookie minicamp and have a great month and a half for everyone to catch up, start building teams on the pitch.
We will actually see it playing football on the football field, not just a bunch of names on the blackboard. [I’m ]
I look forward to it too.
In an NFL web interview, you talked about
Doing it in the wide receiver position, the two people you drafted came in with Danny ammomora.
How rare is the potential wholesale change?
BB: I don\'t know, but look at the people who catch the ball in that position, we don\'t have a lot of balls in our team. [Julian]
Edelman and a couple of balls are here and there, so we\'ll see how it all comes together. I don’t know.
Is there any encouraging place for the coaching staff to join a new team and try to get them to where you want them to be? BB: Yeah, sure.
It\'s exciting every year.
Every year is full of challenges.
Other positions in our team have also experienced this.
We did it a few years ago in a tight final position.
When it was all over, we did it in the run back position.
Of course, almost the entire defense has been overturned, except for Vince [Wilfork].
The experts turned around;
Except Steve ·[Gostkowski]
They all turned over a few years ago.
This is part of football.
What are the clues to all three players at Rutgers?
Do you know and are familiar with schools, programs and coaches, or are you not piecing together?
Somehow, is there an individual reason to be linked together?
I think it\'s a coincidence to some extent.
But what I want to say is, I know [coach]Greg]
Schiano has been around for a while.
I would say that the players he recruits and the programs he runs are similar to us in many ways.
So, in fact, he had recruited four to five years before these children entered the alliance, and they were involved in a project in many ways, probably similar to ours, then it may not be surprising that we want some of the children he raises --
Smart makeup.
What I want to say is that these three guys are very smart.
Football is very important to them.
They are all very efficient.
They are selfless players.
They work hard for the team.
They do a lot of small things in the game, such as communication and special teams and all these types of things.
So there\'s a common thread: They\'re hard-working football players, have a good career there and continue to get better because it\'s important for them.
They are smart, instinctive players.
In your system, how many leads does this give these three players?
I don\'t know.
We have to get them into our system, get them to start playing and learning, and get some sales reps out to see what\'s going on. I don’t know.
I will give them the same coaches, give them the same opportunity to evaluate what they have done.
I can\'t make any predictions about anyone.
Did Josh Boyce do something on the combine harvester that might help his career?
This is their entire mosaic for everyone.
This is a big puzzle.
There are a lot of things together.
I don\'t think there is anything.
Josh has always been a productive player.
I think in all the scouts who saw him, our results were consistent.
So I don\'t think we see on different scouts that he\'s much different from year to year, or from part of year to part, or on Combine, or in training camp, or during the season, or all of these things.
He has been very consistent throughout the process, more consistent than others we can use as examples.
His combination is strong but he is a good player at a good meeting.
He\'s always been efficient.
I think he has done a lot of things.
Is it common to get a player\'s consistency from all your scouts?
I think it depends on the players.
I think this is common if players are consistent.
If this person is, you will see a lot of volatility for whatever reason.
Sometimes it can be something that changes the plan, hurts or bothers him.
This may be someone who has gained experience and done better.
It could be a person who could be a senior, or someone in any case, whose production has dropped a little, or slowed down.
Especially in the pick-up position, we know a lot of the functions of the quarterback.
Sometimes it looks like it\'s reflected in the receiver, but many times there are other things happening, or changes in the plan of attack, etc.
They\'re all different.
I think we have a lot of people who are consistent, and some of them are better than others.
Some people are very strong in one thing, but not very strong in another.
It is difficult for a scout to evaluate this.
Do you think about good things?
How much did you take down?
Can you clarify whether something bad or something good is more indirect?
Are they able to translate to the next level?
Will his merits outweigh his faults?
Will weaknesses exceed his strengths?
You get all types.
Is it good to have a football player or player who has performed well in another sport?
I don\'t know.
Do you like athletes who take part in other sports and get success?
Some people will, many people will not.
This is part of the whole puzzle. It’s one piece.
Maybe it shows their versatility or their competitive power.
We have such people.
That\'s what Steve gossky is. Lawyer [Milloy]was like that.
They ended up with one movement or another, but I don\'t know.
Wrestling-Steve Neil
There are some people.
I might name as many people as I have already done badly, so I don\'t know.
Of course, I think you can see the advantages in this area according to the sport. [Jeff]
Demps is fast, Neal is well balanced. [Tom]
Brady\'s throwing technique is very good, so specific skills of a sport may be associated.
Who will work closely with the new receiver?
BB: It may depend on what we emphasize. Chad [O’Shea]of course.
There will be other people involved.
It will be Scott [when they play the kick ·[O’Brien]and Joe [Judge].
Maybe Brian Daboll?
Of course, we did not bring him here.
He will be with different people. Josh [McDaniels]
I will be involved with the players and I am sure I will be involved with them in some way.
Where\'s Jamie Collins?
Did you initially think he was an edge player or did you see him on the guard?
This is a good question.
I have my own opinion on this.
We will try him on different things and see how it all comes together.
I think if he is versatile, I will use Rob [Ninkovich]
I think this is a good example.
If he can do a lot and do it at a high level, maybe he will go where he needs him or he will go where he is best. I don’t know.
It happened many times on the offensive line.
You have five best players.
Maybe it would be better for a person to be in another position, but in order to get the best five, one has to play his second good position.
This may or may not happen to Jamie. I’m not sure.
This is very similar to what we do []Dont’a]
High tower last year
He did a lot of things, what he ended up doing, and a lot of things with Ninkovich.
What Rob did in a year, what he did in another year, what he might do from one game to another, and it might be a little different.
Maybe this is their role, maybe not.
Maybe they will do one more thing.
We can only make it work.
Are you looking for a bigger drive in the deal at LeGarette Blount, or are you just trying to add another drive?
BB: I think we feel like we have the opportunity to get a good player for what we think is fair, value for money, and that\'s why we do that.
Our job is to train good football players. That\'s what we have to do.
When you can get a good football player and the price is right-if we can afford the price, it depends on what it is, whether it is economic or compensation, it is different according to trade conditions.
All tied together.
If it\'s a good player with the right price and the right price, then you have to think about it.
Sometimes they solve it, sometimes they don\'t, but in this case they solve it.
Was his game with Tampa Bay last year mainly short yards and goal lines?
No, I just want to say [Doug]
Martin was really their guy.
When he plays, I don\'t say he is limited in that role.
Of course, this is not the case for his first two years.
Steve Beauharnais is as big as Tracy White.
Did you see him in bohanares? BB: No.
Yeah, but it\'s not true.
I think they are different players.
On Demps, keep track of why it\'s not working?
We just think the whole deal is good for our football team.
You have to give up something whenever you get something-or most of the time.
You don\'t usually take things for nothing.
We gave up something and we got something.
We feel good about what we get.
I believe Tampa feels good about what they get, so that\'s why it\'s done.
Now that the draft is over, what\'s the feeling?
BB: still grinding.
After the draft, we are going through the free agent program.
Over the years, I think this is an important part of our team.
Once again, last year we had a couple of players who either made up our team or our practice team or, in some cases, both.
Maybe they were together for part of the year, but the others came in and they were not called up and contributed to our team like [Marcus]Forston, like [Brandon]
Bolden, Justin Francis and others like this-Brian Hoyers and Mike Wrights, you can go straight to the list.
So this is still an important moment in the team building process.
We are trying to solve this problem.
I believe there will be a lot of players moving in the next week or so.
After the team meets their needs or gets people or anything that happens, the player will be released after the draft.
Then it will go to the second stage of our offseason program with the players here, which means we can start working with the players on the pitch, which we can\'t do.
This will be part of it. Rookie mini-
Camping on the weekend, it will be the infusion of these people, then Monday, May 13, when we are able to bring in the rookie and get them involved in everything.
We will go there and Otta and get ready for the training camp. It’s a day-by-day process.
Hopefully we can make our team better every day in the future, whether it\'s on the court with our current players, or some kind of player\'s move, acquisition, transition, put our team in a competitive state in training camp.
Once it integrates the whole team during OTAs then it will do so.
All the steps that lead to this are important.
The further development of our team is that when the rookie comes in, we will have better quality in OTA practice.
The better the quality of our OTA practice, the better we can prepare for the training camp.
Is there anything special about the wide receiver position? This makes it a bigger challenge for new players to catch up with players who have been here?
BB: I would say that a lot of players who come here, no matter how they come here, usually comment on quantity, learning or adjusting, something, speed.
I didn\'t coach the rest of the league so I don\'t know what the other 31 teams do, but what I\'m trying to say is, many players who came here feel challenged in this position . . . . . . Look, we \'ve been attacking for 13 or 14 years.
It develops a little bit every year and may be modified a little, but it grows.
Of course-it has more breadth than in 2000, 2001, 2002.
This means that a new guy has to learn 12 degrees, 13 years of stuff, not a brand new coach and someone of that type who starts learning the system from scratch.
It may be a lot.
I think it\'s challenging.
The shift from college football to professional football is a considerable leap in terms of protection, cover, blitz and all of this.
You watch a lot of college movies, and sometimes you only watch one or two movies.
You can\'t see this in this alliance.
Do you have to recognize this when you are trying to integrate new players?
When Michael Lombardi was on the NFL Network, he compared with Dan Marino at the end of his career, and they had a hard time getting new recipients to play. BB: Sure.
I think it\'s a balance and when you put something new in, you usually have to come up with something.
You just can\'t keep adding, adding and adding.
At some point you have to trim the fat.
It\'s a balance, but at the same time you don\'t want to accept the experience, and you don\'t want to accept new plays, new adjustments, or new things you do, and you don\'t want to take advantage of these skills, because a lot of players can do that, but you have to try to catch up with the young players.
Again, we did this in many different locations.
We have changed the tight end position, we have changed the run back position, we have changed some positions on the offensive line.
Now we do it on the receiver.
I think you have to figure this out when you go.
You have a plan that you are trying to do in some way, but when you start doing it, you will see how things are going, what certain players can do, how fast they adapt, and it takes longer.
You modify your teaching;
Sometimes you modify your plan a little.
Obviously, some of the things we did with Rob [Gronkowski]and Aaron [Hernandez]
Unlike what we do here and some others.
Some of the things we do now are a little different from what we did when we had Kevin Falk.
The team is always transitioning to a degree.
You try to figure out where you want to go and how to get there.
Usually, you have to change things when you move forward a little.
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