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Read the new toy safety standard ASTM F963 - the United States 11

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-01
Read the new toy safety standard ASTM F963 - the United States 11

in December 2011, for the safety of toys toy safety standard ASTM F963 - the United States 11 has been formally approved and will be on June 12, 2012 will become mandatory standards; This means that after June 12, 2012, the production of toys intended to enter into the U. S. market must conform to ASTM F963 - 11 requirements. Has always been very pay attention to the quality and safety of toys co. , LTD. Company volunteered to do every year our domestic toy safety testing and the eu's EN71 test. The results of random checking of each course are qualified. Fourteen years, the company spot-check qualified rate reached 100%. This time the new toy safety standards, the company immediately contacted the third party inspection agencies, set out to do a series of tests. I detailed below about paper three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle in the new standard adds what requirements and new standards. In the new standard, adds some requirements, some contact of the soluble heavy metal base material requirements. Revision total lead coating requirements, from limit 600 PPM to 90 PPM, in line with the requirements of current and increase the base material always lead 100 PPM requirements, the original CPSIA lead requirements included. Increase soluble eight heavy metal base material requirements, the limit value of toys EN71 with the eu. Added to the metal widget g 200 ug extraction of cadmium content requirements. Increase the screening method of the total amount of heavy metals, soluble content when the content of total light rain, don't have to test soluble heavy metal content. Heavy metal content in hybrid test is allowed, but soluble migration test step by step. In our paper the three-dimensional puzzle of this piece, need to detect is printing coating, which is what we call the ink. For the detection of ink, we can control on the one hand is to use up to the standard of the European Union and the United States ink printing, after printing on the other hand are the finished product also must comply with this standard. Set an example for more than ten years, serious and responsible for more than ten years, all the members of the continuous efforts, strict standards towards your company out of each batch of products, our products are in strict audit and third party testing, finally obtained the recognition, there is no suspense of a toy safety standard ASTMF963 - latest by the United States 11.
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