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Security should be selected primary standard jigsaw puzzle

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Toy is indispensable items in the children grow up, can inspire children's intelligence, provide company, can also close parent-child relationship. Especially now that the toy is more diverse, more some puzzles toys are not just kids want to play, even adults looked after all want to play with it. So a lot of adults since the child is born, will give children to buy all kinds of toys. The money is spent a lot of, but these puzzles toys is really safe? What criteria should be selected toys? When buying a jigsaw puzzle to check the material of toys should be safe and non-toxic. Toys, such as colored crayons, paints must use lead free paint. Stuffed animals should be washable. Able to make a sound toy, volume shoulds not be too large, otherwise it will damage the child's hearing. Puzzle toys should be strong, to avoid damage after a sharp notch cut child, be swallowed or small parts cause choking. Should refer to the commodity labeling suggested that age, don't give children buy age-appropriate toy. Toys should not have too big gap, to avoid the child task of fingers. Even toys to buy home is safe, if use undeserved, also can have safe hidden trouble. Toys should pay attention to clean, regular check, if there is any breakage, either lose at once, or repaired at once. To use battery puzzle toys, no words for a long time must take the battery out immediately, to avoid the battery rot cause poisoning or chemical burns.
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