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Selected puzzle toys must have 3 c mark

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Jigsaw puzzle is a good friend of the children, choose a good toy is critical. Many parents believe that children's toys to play of time is not long, so love to small commodity market to buy, cheap, tricks and more. But if there is no sign of 3 c, parents don't buy. Because this kind of toy is likely to be damage children's murderer. Selected puzzle toys first to see if there were no authentication marks ( The 3 c certification) , should choose on puzzle toy manufacturers of goods. When need to buy can check parts. Buttons on the puzzle toys, dolls, animal eyes, toy car fixed accessories sealed, small parts, parents should pay attention to the center of the hand to try to use when buying a few, can see there are loose. When buying a jigsaw puzzle, should pay attention to whether have burrs, and pay attention to choose a toy made of thick plastic material, prevent toy fall behind that little pieces by child swallow. Buy electric toys containing gears, chains, should check the transmission mechanism can close, make children's hand can not probing, hold a finger when the rotation in case. Do not buy as far as possible on the surface of wooden toys containing paint film, avoid children face, biting toys take in harmful gases. Try not to buy toys containing fragrance. Because most of the toys with aromatic compounds such as benzene, toluene, children if breathed in the smell of too much will harm the body health. Buy sound toys should listen to their voice can moderate sweet, no noise, big voice may affect children's hearing that is damage. To often puzzles toys cleaning and disinfection, and education of children to wash their hands, the good habit of hygiene, avoid toys germs hurt children healthy body.
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