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Several major steps in the jigsaw puzzle

by:Lovelybird Toys     2021-01-06
Jigsaw puzzle now custom became more common things, according to their own image promotion and demand, select custom puzzle toy is very good, you can achieve personalized results. So now the jigsaw puzzle are commonly how to production and processing? What are the main steps in the order time? Take a look at several important to build process. Jigsaw puzzle paper order, first will be on the floor plan first proofing. Designed according to want to describe the image of the first plane design, the corresponding modelling and dimension data are marked, so that at the time of production can also have a base, know how to design. In a specific image processing will first after trial production, clipping, first will probably the image of the cut out, ready to corresponding embroidery, sewing machine, etc. , start to produced outside of the image. At the time of production for the size requirement is more strict, according to the plan to determine the planning, you cannot change. After they finished the external image processing in filler into among them is ok, complete the jigsaw puzzle. Paper puzzles custom actually is this several steps, at the time of production and processing can have a comprehensive understanding of, pay attention to production and processing process, to ensure the quality of custom puzzle toys, creating more boutique toys, to provide the toys on the market demand.
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