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Share different toys toy manufacturers how to clean

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Toy is a long partner, together with your child good toy not only can help children to improve the understanding of the outside world, also conduce to the child mental development, so that it need parents and teachers to choose the appropriate toys with the children's lives. Common kinds of toys in life is more varied, there are a variety of materials such as plastics, plush, wooden partition, and the cleaning method and different toys made of different materials, we know about the toys made of different materials with toy manufacturer what cleaning method. In various forms and textures of toy with a child's life, because the style of the toys, the different quality of a material, toys and cleaning has become a big problem. To maintain the life of different kinds, qualitative material toys, and baby use on health and safety, cleaning and maintenance work is more important. 1, puzzle toys: can bubble water, or diluted with solvents or pill lozenges disinfection cleaning method, make sure toys clean sanitation. 2, fluffy toys: can choose to wash store dry cleaning or washing itself. To wash and clean or overall cleaning can be divided into layer. 3, cloth toys: in accordance with the packaging on the cleaning method of washing, cleaning on a regular basis. Such as: cloth dolls, cloth book. 4, wooden toys, because the wooden material to water absorption and the moth, so this kind of toy not cleaning and can often exposure. Such as: educational building blocks. 5, jigsaw puzzle: this kind of toy is not clean, only water with a clean cloth to wipe. Such as: music bell. Method above is toy manufacturer Shared clean toys, toys is the most important thing, it was about the children's health problems, the plush toy if long time not to clean can produce bacteria, serious will be transmitted to the child. Toy manufacturers here remind parents remember to clean toys regularly.
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