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Small plane puzzles skill books

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-20
Plane puzzles tip of

MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7. 8 pounds Normal0 said puzzles, believe that many people will begin to have a headache. How do you spell with color puzzle? I believe you all want to know, to share with you a few small methods now. 1. Segmenting color piece: get a bright place, borrow the light see puzzle pieces on the subtle changes in light and shade, and will not be the same color sorting out, then try to spell spell. Don't have to rush to a take out, because the long eyes will start could not tell the difference, try a few times more, slowly you will spell out the sky and green space. 2. Scan lines: to observe the puzzle pieces on the line or design size, grain size, and then to do the puzzle pieces classification, can according to the points of different grain slowly spell pattern. 3. Carefully try: if completely look not to come out, then pieces of try! ! ! ! First of all, will be the same shape puzzle pieces out, and then see if puzzle pieces of die cutter has rules to follow. Puzzle pieces has a lean, concave and convex shape is different, if pick out first, even if will pieces to try, also is better to start! Of the puzzle fit often when we spell some brands puzzle, feel fit between the jigsaw puzzle and is very big, while some brands will not, then why would want to have such a gap? This is because each puzzle pieces are folded into the shape of a puzzle, with a knife to cut out, if you use the knife mold is new, will be more sharp, and cut out the puzzle pieces will be relatively closed. And another reason is that the thickness of the cutting tool itself also is one of the main reasons affecting the fit, if the tool is thin, the higher the fit, but relatively is also not easy cutting puzzle pieces, so the production process all need according to the factory actual operation situation, so the situation is very normal. Factory specializing in the development and production of various kinds of paper three-dimensional puzzle, the three-dimensional puzzle can not only cultivate their ability, and improve spatial imagination, also can enhance creativity and logical thinking ability, has the very strong attraction to the children, to get the recognition of the global market.
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