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Some ideas about the exhibition and sales network

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-12
Some ideas about the exhibition and sales network

there is no doubt the network marketing is an inevitable trend, is sweeping through the suppliers and buyers around the world to join this trend. As the world's second largest professional toy fair, Asia's largest toy fair, in January 2014, the Hong Kong toys opened two days already. This is our company attended the Hong Kong toy show in the fifth year. Experience the entity toy show from prosperity to the great changes in sentiment has become increasingly bleak. Five years ago, booth every day can have 20 or 30 wave of attention and inquiry, the exhibition traffic is very heavy. There are several customers also can clinch a deal reached a preliminary agreement on the exhibition. Now the situation is totally different. The fair passenger flow is not much, assigned to the various categories of the customers of the product is less. Internet has changed the whole pattern of business, it is should be the this sentence: don't do the network marketing of the enterprise, is waiting to die. 。 。 We two years ago into the network marketing, from a company that don't understand the network, into the beneficiaries of Internet marketing. Network marketing, for the equivalent of a second venture. Now, the company's brand on the network's popularity is very high, the three-dimensional puzzle of products of the company in the search engine on the exposure is good too. The network marketing, want to go well. 。 。 If you are interested in the above 3 d puzzle, please click on the right side of our customer service or call our hotline contact. - - - - - All rights reserved reprint please indicate the source, grain 02 editor
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