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'Spell' wins - love

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-09-19
'Spell' wins - love

in this past weekend, from purple & bull; The 3 d puzzle of DIY activities held by the central park in the sales department of interest, the scene attracts a lot of new and old customers to take their children to attend, experience the fun of DIY, the happy time to spend the weekend. 3 d jigsaw puzzle is different from the ordinary, not only can exercise the child's ability by means of fragments reorganization, can also cultivate their perception of things, and the ability to observe. See all sorts of modelling of puzzle, the children very happy freely according to own hobby choose like pattern, mom and dad work collaboration, according to the drawings to puzzles. After a while, cool car models, beautiful castle is filled with all kinds of lifelike scene, such as customers begin to participate in to attract the checking from time to time. During the activity, the scene atmosphere filled the entire sales department, many parents have also said the event is very meaningful, not only let the children in the process of making puzzles developed intelligence, cultivate the child's ability, but also promotes the feeling of the children and their parents.
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