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Temperature on the quality of the foshan puzzle toys have what time?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Temperature, the word we are familiar with, the proper temperature is very good, for example, shower, water was too cold is not good, it's too hot is not good, medium is very good, is to make people comfortable, for foshan jigsaw puzzle is also very big, the influence of temperature proper temperature can reduce the deflection of the jigsaw puzzle of foshan city, foshan can he also improved the quality problem of the jigsaw puzzle toys and so on. The temperature on the quality of the foshan puzzle toys have what time? A, stable products can reduce the distortion of the mold temperature, cooling rate equilibrium can reduce deformation. Inconsistent for wall thickness and shape of complex products, often can appear due to uneven shrinkage deformation, so we must use appropriate cooling system, make mold and core basic to keep the temperature of any part of the uniform, so that the plastic melt in the cavity can be solidified at the same time. Second, can improve the surface quality of the products mold temperature can improve the surface quality of the products, low mold temperature can make foshan jigsaw outline is not clear and produce obvious fusion lines, and lead to product surface roughness increased. Three, reducing stress cracking of mould for plastic crystal shape, high crystallinity yu; Stress cracking of the greater the chance, so reduce the perspective of stress cracking, reduce the temperature control is good. Four, improve the stability of the foshan jigsaw puzzle size accuracy use mold temperature of constant temperature control system and can reduce the foshan puzzle toy molding shrinkage rate fluctuation, improve the stability of the product dimensional accuracy. Where possible, use a lower mold temperature can reduce products molding shrinkage rate. For example, for plastic crystal form, and because the mold temperature is low, low, the crystallinity of foshan puzzle toys, lower crystallinity can reduce shrinkage.
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