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Ten tips for children to choose toys

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-09-19
Toys for their children to pick the ten tips:

MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7. 8 pounds Normal0 toy is close-fitting good friends children, a child's growth process is the most loyal playmate. But, with children every day close to coarse toys, may have the risk of heavy metal exceeds bid overweight or harmful chemicals, or design defects exist, especially for young children, and no matter what things to catch, always like to put in your mouth, yum yum mouth, a little alarmed the parents? How to avoid the above situation, some parents believe that it is good to buy famous brand, the quality must be good. However, some famous brand toys also exists certain risk. In fact, as long as learn to choose the safety of toys can, today, this small make up selected toys gave you talk about 10 tips. 1, look at the toy tags and packaging before buying a toy, don't just look at fashion, you first look at the toy packing or logo on the tag, see if mark product certification, manufacturers, suitable age group, the safety warnings, standards, etc. China-made toys for printed with national standard GB6675 products and 3 c certification logo. Imported toys, depends on whether the 3 c certification logo and inspection and quarantine certificate. 2, smell smell can also help us distinguish and inferior toys. Smell the toys before buying, if have pungent taste, probably because it was in the process of the paint on the surface, not use environmental protection paint or use some containing benzene, xylene, ethyl benzene, thinner, this kind of toy, of course, is determined to leave immediately! 3, try not to choose plastic toys now on the market most are plastic toys, but my suggestion is that you can not buy as far as possible not to buy. If you want to buy plastic toys, must find a safe, label, plastic toys. Should pay attention to when buying toys can be found at the bottom of the arrow around surrounded the Numbers 1, 2, 4, 5. And be sure to try the toughness and strength of plastic toys, if feel bad easily damaged, the damage to produce sharp cutting edge easy to harm the children, and may have stuck children's fingers. 4, choose natural materials like food options, we choose our toys are more simple nature better, such as less processing of solid wood and textiles (organic Cotton, wool, wool felt, etc. ) Made of toys. 5, test the safety of toys details baby toys but very violent, like throwing, bite, tear, if toy design is not reasonable or not solid, can let the baby hurt. Advise parents before buying, to pay attention to whether or not the toy is easy to pull off the small parts, such as the doll's eyes, such as car tyres, easy to cause the child swallowing or inhaling cause suffocation; With the hand to try whether the edge of the toy, cutting-edge sharp; Gently blow toys coating ( Paint or paint) To see if it is easy to fall off, if it is blacklisted. 6, check the toy protection design all boys like a sword sword toys, when choose this kind of toy, make sure toys have enough protection design. Choosing arrow toys, for example, to ensure that children use arrows and top of the dart is blunt, such as rubber or soft plastic suction cups, plug, or other forms of protection; And arrows tip and want to make sure that the handle tightly bound. So it can avoid the accident appeared in the process of children at play. 7, don't give the baby to select overage toys every age groups of children have different toys, in general, older children play with the younger is no problem, but how small children to play with toys in older age may not have the risk, because the objects on the specific shape and small toys, is likely to cause an accident, to hurt the baby. So, don't give the baby to play over age toys to develop intelligence, also don't get two BaoWan brother elder sister's toys. More than 8, choose pure don't choose too much toys will disperse the child's attention, suggest not to buy too many a variety of toys. The choose and buy some classic, high quality toys, can withstand the baby, children grow up can also left two treasure or give away. 9, choose open toy baby does not need too many toys. Parents can choose blocks, a ball, silk scarves, cartons and other open toys. This kind of toy is simple, but it can create many different style, can encourage the baby to improve creativity, enhance the ability of problem solving, parents can also buy a few toys for their children. 10, online shopping more pay attention to online shopping is a great way to mothers to buy toys. But, at present the network shopping related law is not perfect, network vendors, especially the private online retailers, consumer's after-sale service and quality assurance limited benefit, therefore, mothers should pay attention you order online toys. In the case of can't see real, know some commonly used, the safety of toys of raw materials, whether it will help you to identify the quality of the toys. 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