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The choose and buy toys need to be careful

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-21
Toys need to be careful of choose and buy

according to the Shanghai bureau of quality and technical supervision, toys are included in the national compulsory certification of products ( CCC) Catalog of products. The supervision and spot check on the basis of SHCCJSGF 208. 3 - 2015 'Shanghai product quality supervision and spot check specification' and 2016 toy selectives examination and implementation plan. Involves the standard GB 6675 - 2003 the national toy safety technical specification, GB 5296. 5 - 2006 consumer goods instructions part 5: toys, GB19865 - 2005 electric toy safety, GB6675. 1 - 2014 toy safety part 1 basic standard, GB6675. 2 - 2014 toy safety part 2 mechanical and physical properties, GB6675. 3 - 2014 toy safety part 3 flame retardant performance, GB6675. 4 - 2014 'toy safety part 3 migration of certain elements such as the national standards and related standards, the inspection for the product the following items: mechanical and physical properties, combustion performance, logo, special element migration and electric properties. The spot-check product 101 batches, upon examination, unqualified 18 batches. Involving the unqualified projects are: mechanical and physical properties ( Energy storage ejection toys, plastic bags and plastic film thickness, protrusions, rigid material on the round hole) , toys, signs and instructions, electrical ( Identification and description) , specific element migration. Among them, the trademark of YiYaLin 1 batches of baby toys, soft pink plastic shoes DEHP content = 1. 69%, gray plastic dog DEHP content = 2. 25%, white soft plastic dog DEHP content = 3. DEHP content 49%, color plastic face = 3. 44%, color soft plastic hand DBP content = 4. 27%, set limit to zero. 1%. Trademark for Jill household 1 batches of baby doll, black plastic DEHP content = 1. 99%. Set limit to zero. 1%. Trademark for her beauty son 1 batch doll series, color plastic hand DEHP content = 0. 36%, white leather belt DEHP content = 2. 81%, deep pink plastic shoes DEHP content = 1. 40%, red plastic shoes DEHP content = 1. 41%, set limit to zero. 1%. Trademark of zhuo exhibition toy 1 batches of baby toys, color soft plastic face DEHP content = 4. 16%, set limit to zero. 1%. It is understood that DEHP is one of the most common usage in industrial production one of the biggest plasticizer, after this kind of material is added in the plastic processing can increase the ductility, elasticity and softness. The present study showed that the molecular structure of the plasticizer is similar to the hormone, known as environmental hormones, the activity of biological toxicity is mainly belong to estrogen and androgen deprivation, have certain effects on reproductive and developmental. In addition, the group of li & fung house series, JINYONGDA accessories toys, educational toys star parent-child interphone, MEIYE beautiful doll series, Twins Girl light much change baby Twins Girl 18 & quot; Doll, xin le XinLe la-la-la little magic fairy instruments, GOLDLOK inertial platform car, hongxing educational building blocks toys, toy car king toy car, levitra animation feiying dartle armed, wins the male remote control car, WENYI acousto-optic toys ( Tanks) , small electric gun, long sea anime nozzle also appears in the unqualified list. Factory specializing in the development and production of various kinds of paper three-dimensional puzzle, the three-dimensional puzzle can not only cultivate their ability, and improve spatial imagination, also can enhance creativity and logical thinking ability, has the very strong attraction to the children, to get the recognition of the global market.
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