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The effect of three-dimensional puzzle and benefits

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-29
Function and benefit of three-dimensional puzzle

the function of the puzzle: 1. Puzzles can increase the baby's ability to hands and eyes work together. 2. Baby needs certain observation ability, to find puzzle the correct recovery position. 3. The baby began to play, can concentrate for a long time. 4. About the content of the puzzle, development of baby's language skills. Puzzle to choose tips: 1. Select the appropriate puzzle according to the child's age. Children under the age of 2, 3, choose big puzzle pieces, less quantity, color is rich, good puzzle animation image. Difficulty is lower at the beginning of, be helpful for children to accept the new things. 2. As children age increases, the difficulty of the puzzle can be increased. Is 12 - at the age of 3 15 pieces, at the age of five can spell 50 pieces, 7, 8 years old the child at home long help can spell hundreds of pieces of the puzzle. To improve the ability to hear hear ability is the key element of learning a language, is the focus of the early childhood parents training children. Parents in teaching children to play with puzzles, to give him a puzzle on the story, tell them puzzles of methods and techniques, and then let the children retell the story, asked him to tell which blocks to spell first, after a spell which block. In such a language exchange, the child's natural get exercise and improve listening and speaking skills. Jigsaw puzzle of another big characteristic is to begin to play. Two or three years old children to play with puzzles, one with a put the muscles of the fingers will be more activities, also can fully exercise the child's upper arm muscle, let little hands became more flexible, so as to improve the ability of children. Education experts believe that children's ability in children interested in the game. If a child at the age of 3 to 8 years old this ability does not get effective during the period of training, just missed the best time of cultivating ability. Improve the observation analysis ability of children to pieces of tiles Mosaic pictures, this requires the child to each piece of the picture should be carefully observed. Children in the process of puzzles, and cultivate their ability to observe things, analyze things. At the same time, they play with puzzles also learned to distinguish between colors and graphics, and can gradually understand the depth of the color, lines of its merits, such as the shape of the graph. Because the children to play with puzzles need to take a calm, aeriform in, develop the child's patience and attention, allows them to do a thing to sit on. Church baby logic thinking, at the beginning of the contact more piece of the puzzle of many children know puzzles to spell from the edge, is that children learn to order, order, and the process of logical thinking of exercise. Learn from observation and judgment classification, the child must watch puzzles correct spelling on the sample, so you can spell out the correct answer. Jigsaw puzzle can also let the child know many parts can piece together a full, as well as a whole is made up of many parts. So in imperceptible in training exercise their thinking in images and logical thinking. Children is a hypothesis, judgement to the selection process, learn how to use logic to solve problems, cultivate the ability to train children to overcome difficulties, to solve the problem. Cultivate their spirit of cooperation and children new to puzzle, all need to adults in the show. Slowly grow up, increasing the number of children to play with puzzles. When children and partners ( Or a family member) Spell a bigger puzzle together, each person is responsible for part of the puzzle, requires the collective cooperation, to cooperate with each other. Especially in the children can't complete the responsibility share of the figure, he need to appeal to partners, with the help of others to their own vision of thinking.
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