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The famous puzzle HD puzzle puzzle game

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-19
The famous puzzle HD puzzle puzzle

MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7. 8 pounds Normal0 paintings puzzle HD is a puzzle puzzle game, double version free again, after one year scene jigsaw puzzle. St tropez detectives from France, was ordered to assist in the investigation in five European museum's bizarre crimes: 25 world famous paintings are used different ways to cut into pieces, you must use wisdom, put them together reply original state. Jigsaw puzzle pieces respectively including hexagonal, square, etc. A total of five kinds of forms, 25 puzzle. Games can at any time according to the upper left corner in the process of painting thumbnail to view the picture. In completing a puzzle, you will have the correct marks each painting name, is a feast for the eyes, both educational and knowledge of the game. Difficulty is not low, a test player's IQ! Love puzzle game players don't miss. Factory is a professional manufacturer of three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle toys. Company specializing in the development and production of various kinds of paper three-dimensional puzzle, the three-dimensional puzzle can not only cultivate their ability, and improve spatial imagination, can also enhance creativity and logical thinking ability, has the very strong attraction to the children, to get the recognition of the global market. Web site:
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