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The flavor of the jigsaw puzzle how purify?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Actually on the market there are a lot of scented puzzle toy is toxic, if parents didn't pay attention to children to buy this kind of jigsaw puzzle, it likely will do harm to the child's body. Here the author is to introduce several ways to give you instructions, if buy the puzzle toy is faulty, how dispel? Method is as follows: 1, the heavy smell of plastic quality is not very good, should be in or outside ventilated place spread. 2, can use diluted detergent to wash, such as flavor with no or weak to reuse can be ignored. 3, wipe with dry dishcloth toys, play under the sun shines, drying time is too long, then the flow of object completely place for two days. 4, adsorption method: let the plastic contact soak in just the right amount of milk, the vinegar, baking soda, brackish water and waste tea, rice water or the water that clean out rice, pomelo peel, pineapple block ( Good quality) , white wine, dilute sulphuric acid ( Quality time) Cleaner, such as after a certain time can remove some of the taste. 5, to join balmy agent: this method can cover the smell, cannot be eliminated. Balmy agent in addition to flavour is commonly used in toys, household goods, cosmetics, household appliances and gardening equipment. So manufacturers in jigsaw puzzle toys or toy of choose and buy when, want to choose good enterprise custom material qualitative, follow-up will reduce a lot of may produce a lot of problems.
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