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the joys of making and collecting jigsaw puzzles

by:Lovelybird Toys     2019-11-21
In 1750, the wonderful world of jigsaw puzzle started the wonderful world of jigsaw puzzle for the first time, and the first time started around 1750, known as tilling Puzzles.
Like their predecessors, these puzzles need to assemble many interlocking parts that are usually strange in shape and unusual in shape.
It was a very popular and enjoyable hobby, soon produced for the mass market at that time around 1760.
Strange shapes and inlaid pieces help stimulate the brains of puzzle makers and are an interesting activity for families.
Each piece is a small part of the picture, and after completion is an achievement, many small pieces of the puzzle can produce a complete, very delicate picture.
In the early days, the jigsaw puzzle was originally made by drawing a picture on a smooth, very flat rectangular wood.
After the picture is finished perfectly, it is cut into small pieces of unusual shape and made into a jigsaw puzzle.
It was an amazing man named John Spary of London who made the first jigsaw puzzle to be sold in the open market. Mr.
Spilsbury is an amazing sculptor whose 1760 puzzle is very valuable and hard to find now.
In the 18th century, the hobby of jigsaw puzzle was like a crazy fire in Mr.
Spilsbury made the first commercial game and made the jigsaw puzzle on a large scale around 1760.
In the world of jigsaw puzzles, the movement is very fast, and around 1860 years old, they begin to be made mainly of cardboard.
In the 1920 s, there may be more advanced jigsaw puzzles on the market, such as spherical puzzles in 1926.
Then there is an amazing visual illusion of 1930 on the market.
In the 1940 s, many typical images began to appear on the puzzle due to color photography.
This includes many detailed scenes from the natural world, as well as new urban landscapes and buildings.
Many puzzles became popular wall art, and in the 1950 s, there were many puzzles made of beautiful repetitive designs in this era.
Among the 1950 century castles and beautiful scenery, the two most popular puzzles in the 1950 century are beautiful scenery such as castles and mountains and islands.
During the decade, almost all the pictures, from poodles to circus clowns, were made into puzzles.
Also in the 1950 s, many companies and companies began offering puzzles as corporate gifts.
Howard Johnson and Holiday Inn have puzzles made by hotels for guests of their best motels and gift shops, in addition, major airlines also send planes as gifts to ticket buyers for investors and travel agents.
The ocean liner has also been involved in the bill, and now the 1950 jigsaw puzzle of SS in the United States is worth a lot of money in the market.
The jigsaw puzzle of one of the most beautiful mountains in the picture above and below is the stunning Big Ben puzzle of the Shuke Mountain in Washington state.
Its Big Ben ID number is 4962-6.
The great puzzle was made in the United States and was designed for 12-year-old childrento adult.
This puzzle is a big size: 26 \"inches x 20\" inches, made of beautiful 1000 pieces of interlocking. . .
This is a jigsaw puzzle of one of the most beautiful mountains in the Cascade Mountains, located in North Cascade National Park south of the Canadian border.
Show the awesome sky in the puzzle
Mount Shuke volcano, good-
Like the chaotic hanging glacier
Covered with snow on the slopes leading to the top pyramid, some reflections in the picture Lake, flowers and evergreen trees cover the foreground, and it is these works that bring challenges and surprises to our builders.
Upon completion, you can gaze at the spectacular views of Shuke Mountain, which has become an iconic face of Washington\'s rugged northern falls, and dream of going there to see for yourself.
Today, the production of modern puzzles is amazing. The modern jigsaw puzzle is made of thick quality cardboard because it is easier and cheaper for the masses
Easier to make than time-consuming and expensive wooden puzzles.
Amplification or printing made of photos.
In general, it is a detailed reproduction of a beautiful landscape or masterpiece or two other works
Three-dimensional art form.
Then, before cutting, stick this detailed print to the back of the cardboard.
The finished art committee is then entered into what we call the jigsaw Publishing House;
This is where the press forces a sharp set of hardened steel blades to the printing plate.
This press will press many desired shapes through the board until it is completely cut.
It takes 700 tons of power to make a 1000-
As you can see, making puzzles is a very similar process to making Christmas-shaped cookies with a well-made cookie cutter.
The biggest difference is that there is a lot more power to participate in the \"puzzle\" because the pressure required is very high.
For example, in typical 1000-
The pressure required to cut a jigsaw puzzle requires a huge pressure, which can generate more than 700 tons of force to push many sharp and detailed blades of the jigsaw mold through hard cardboard
The puzzle mold is made of very smooth and flat boards, usually made of reinforced plywood, which has a cut slot and even burns into exactly the same shape as the blade used in the puzzle making.
These blades are set in precision slots and covered with soft, very compressed materials, usually foam rubber, which helps to pop up the cut puzzle.
Five groups of different sizes of the puzzle & the horizontal puzzle they prepare for the average buyer is usually divided into five groups of different sizes.
Beginners have 300 pieces of puzzle, teenagers have 500 pieces of puzzle, more advanced 750 pieces of puzzle, 1,000 pieces of puzzle of expert or family size, then renaissance or deluxe 1.
Provide 500 pieces of puzzle for more advanced puzzle manufacturers.
The big question is, where do you start when building a jigsaw puzzle? Most of the modern puzzle games we have today are rectangular, some are completely square, and then at 1920 and 1970 we do a lot of round games, or what we call the hippie puzzle, which is still doing some of these rounds today.
The edge part of the rectangular puzzle has a straight line side, it is easy to start the frame of the outer wall of the puzzle, the same is true of the circular puzzle, just looking for a smooth curved shape to create this shape, in addition, if the puzzle is square or rectangular, you can start with four corners.
Once you \'ve finished the exterior wall, it\'s time to get into the more complex puzzle.
The Great Depression began the golden age of jigsaw puzzle, the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929, and the Golden Age of jigsaw puzzle began in full swing.
There are so many people out of work, breaking the puzzle, it\'s a great way to forget about the misfortune of your life in a few hours, because you don\'t have the time to jog in this world.
The jigsaw puzzle company enjoyed a recovery in sales during this bleak period.
At the beginning of 1934, the sales volume of puzzle games reached an incredible 10 million puzzles per week, and the popularity of puzzle games reached its peak.
The jigsaw puzzle touches the real heart of the country. During the Great Depression, jigsaw puzzles seem to touch the heart of the country and the free world, and they will provide an opportunity for bank failures and unemployed people to queue up to escape.
It also provides help to the self
Respect, as it offers a chance to succeed in completing complex puzzles in a gentle way.
When completing the jigsaw puzzle, one outstanding individual achievement that makes manufacturers or puzzles is very rare in the 1930 s, the unemployment rate is much higher than 25% in many regions of the world.
When a person finishes the puzzle, they feel like a millionaire. The remarkable thinking about puzzles is that they are not expensive, even if your income runs out, you are the beauties when you finish one of them
Jigsaw puzzle is a new source of home entertainment and entertainment, quickly replacing expensive outside entertainment such as nice restaurants and expensive night clubs at the high end.
Puzzle games became cheaper during the Great Depression.
The demand for puzzles was so high in the 1930 s that public libraries added puzzles for circulation.
Many small craft and card shops start making their own puzzles for sale at low prices to keep skilled workers.
Many libraries have places for customers to play puzzle games. Many great libraries now have places for customers to play jigsaw puzzles, which is so good that today\'s younger generation is enjoying jigsaw puzzles
I was very surprised when my son wanted to deal with puzzles during the holidays instead of playing Xbox or PlayStation games.
We had a great time together on New Year\'s Eve, we stayed up until two in the morning and did a puzzle of 1000 pieces, we didn\'t even realize how late it was.
They even now roll out these puzzles in many university libraries to help students improve their stress levels, which are really used and loved by customers.
They really help people relax and stimulate their brains.
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