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The old puzzle toy should throw out?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Many families will buy some toys for children of different age, and this also means that the toy is abandoned before. However, as the children grew up, they lose interest in old puzzle toys, this makes a lot of families are piling up under a lot of old puzzle toys, let parents headache problem is how to deal with old puzzle toys, threw a pity, don't throw and take a place. Not completely eliminate outdated old toys, we can clean, let the old room in some jigsaw puzzle toys, wait for longer time, if a child to think of it, also can take out to play. Can also let the parents take their children toys together, make the toy back to upgrade yourself, let parents and children together to witness this moment full of miracle. Can take pictures of old toys, on taobao or second-hand trading website to sell, or exchange with others on what you want, maybe you don't need that other people are looking for? But this still need to solicit opinions of the children, this is, after all, his things, we should respect children. If a child is really don't want to play, can put the puzzle together with kids toys donated to impoverished mountainous area children. Now everyone advocate saving, environmental protection in today's resource shortage, we should start from around things, do resources recycling, old jigsaw puzzle can be transferred or donated to people in need, it can not only help families with some don't need the old puzzle toys, also can to a certain extent, improve the consciousness of children and sharing.
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