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The old puzzle toy should throw out?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Many families buy some toys in different age groups, and most people have another practice, this means that the toy before being abandoned. However, as the children grew older, they lose interest in the old puzzle toys. This leads to many family piled up a lot of old puzzle toys. Parents headache problem is how to deal with the old puzzle toys. It's really a shame discard them, also occupies the place. We can arrange outdated old puzzle toys. In the store content box, if the children think of it, they can also take out. Parents can also take children to puzzle toys, let the old puzzle toys to upgrade, let parents and children to witness the magic moments. You can take pictures of the old puzzle toys, put them in the secondary network site, or to exchange with others you need. Maybe you don't need to look for the others? But it still need to ask the child's opinion, after all it is his things, we should respect children. If the children really don't want to play, you can also put the puzzle together toys to the children of poor mountainous areas, teaching the children to the best of our own strength to make a public welfare activities. Modern people have to save energy. In today's society resources shortage, we should start from the little things around us, recycling of resources.
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