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The origin of the puzzle and origin

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-06
Origin and origin of the puzzle is

the origin of the puzzle jigsaw puzzle has about 235 years old. As early as in 1760, both countries almost at the same time appear this kind of both popular and useful form of entertainment. Stick a picture on the cardboard, then put it cut into small pieces and irregular. Initially these images are the meaning of education, either with suitable for young people read the essay, on either the emerging bourgeoisie history or geography. In 1762, during the reign of French Louis 15, a salesman named di began to sell puzzles, a little success. Demanded by the puzzle pieces rearranged, this map is a kind of very elegant recreational activities. That same year, in London, a man named John Spears in the printer to the similar idea, invented the enduring puzzle toys. He is very clever to stick a map of Britain to a table on the back of a thin, then all the counties along the edges of the map precisely cut into small pieces. This idea can bring great wealth, but poor spears in didn't get the money, he only lived 29 years, failed to see the enormous success of jigsaw puzzle. The real meaning of his success is that he is his own invention opened the two important market: thirst for knowledge and the position of emerging middle-class consumers, as well as the harshness of his day schools in Britain. Spears in living in a symbol to read maps as a gentleman. The puzzles in the tourist activities on the peak, this is a grand activities, shows a complete detail of Europe. From this perspective, jigsaw puzzle is a puzzle pieces to learn the whole European geographic & ndash; — Countries, principality, counties, cities, towns, rivers and so on. At the time known as the map is as proud and now has its own home page. Puzzles soon became mature, has broad market entertainment products, consumers everywhere can buy puzzles. This puzzle is not only used for education and entertainment, also used for commercial advertising and political propaganda. The first world war, 1914 - 1918). Is a good example. A brave soldiers painted on cheap puzzles ferociously for fight for king and country, the puzzle is very popular in both sides are, sells very well. Puzzle has become close to people's inner world, into the family, and a method for transmitting information. Jigsaw puzzle with newspapers, radio and the coming of the first generation of television has become a simple and direct way of mass media. People should be encouraged to travel by train? Many tourists show great train and happiness puzzle is raised. Every new invention and trend & ndash; — Steamboat, airplanes, cars and the latest and most daring women's bathing suit & ndash; — Have appeared on the puzzle. After the 1929 world economic crisis, swept through North America during the great depression, is a popular puzzle of the peak period. To the nearest newsstand pay 25 cents only could buy 300 pieces of puzzle, you can forget your life difficult, immersed in the dream to piece together happy days. Also indulged in the frenzy of the rich and famous. In New York, two unemployed salesman John & middot; Henry and frank & middot; Weir with original spears in puzzle design made big money. What is their secret? Good plywood reproduction quality. Henry and he quickly with the astor family, Vanderbilt, guest - Crosby and Marilyn Monroe, thriving business, for a very long time.
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