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The puzzle - — Fly out of doors, towards the world

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-13
The puzzle - — Fly out of doors, towards the world

today, the loading master busy bad, they are to big truck car compartment of the three-dimensional puzzle, because Russia ordered us hundreds of cases of three-dimensional puzzle, this can make them busy for a while! Near noon, loading to a close, the hot sun hot, they sweat flowing down like a stream, but still one face is permeated with beaming, because our puzzles to be out of town this time, more than China's scope; Once again proved his strength, and fly out of the country, go to the world, fly to the far north of the country & ndash; — Russia! Hope that foreign children will like our 3 d puzzle, but also believe that we will be higher and higher, more far, continue to breakthrough and go beyond themselves, pupa to butterfly!
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