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Three-dimensional jigsaw profile and advantages

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-31
Three-dimensional jigsaw profile and advantages

3 d puzzle introduction: three-dimensional puzzle, including by the three-dimensional cavity split into multiple pieces of body; Also includes a size, shape, to match the cavity stereo products of bladder; Tank for stereo products, transparent or translucent cavity with split into the inside of the tank body outline of the same pattern, from the tank can be equipped with light bulbs. Use of block assembly into three-dimensional products, improved the puzzle fun and difficulty, the test of both intelligence and patience. And assembled into a three-dimensional product directly as a decorative ornament. The design of the tank, besides can be used as attachment when assembling body, still can when people need through the illuminate of built-in bulb provide people with puzzles instructions, the puzzle easier. EPS of three-dimensional puzzle mainly paper and materials, to professional fine printing, with different shapes of sheet assembling, users themselves, enjoy it. Three-dimensional puzzle mainly simulation model, DIY since outfit, educational manual, anime entertainment, education assistance and promotional gifts and other products. Without auxiliary tools, assembly is convenient, safe, highly entertaining and educational. 3 d puzzle advantages: 1, easy to assemble, don't need to use glue, scissors and other auxiliary tools. 2, safety and environmental protection: use safety, environmental protection, non-toxic compounded paper, EPS foam board. 3, corretly: brain training hand coordination, mention visual discrimination ability, establish spatial ability, really fun! 4, connotation is rich, rich history and cultural knowledge, popular science knowledge, enrich their knowledge. 5, strong practicability: assemble finished product can be as home furnishings, highly ornamental. Choice: according to the students' existing puzzle level and community activity schedule, chose three different crystal 3 d puzzle: apple, rose, pig piggy bank. The puzzle of apple and roses are only 44 pieces, after mastering skills, to complete the puzzle takes about an hour. And the pig piggy bank 99 piece jigsaw puzzle, relatively difficult some, to complete the work takes about 2 ~ 3 hours.
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