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Three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle - Basil's

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-28
Three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle - Basil's

with the development of the society, many young and old like toys, play some highly intelligent, collectibles, entertaining play, for white collars in high working pressure, can relieve stress and pressure of a day, for the old man can stave off loneliness. Basil's cathedral 3 d puzzle, the design is novel, according to the number of components and structure complexity and distinguish index of difficulty for different products, difficulty index of samsung products above is very suitable for white-collar workers and college students such groups choose to play. Vassili cathedral is a typical gothic church, the reason is known, primarily because it is a sign of Russia in a landmark history of architecture. Vassili cathedral is a stone building in the world history of architecture, known as the level of large stone symphony. Although this is a religious building, but its flashing the wisdom of the Russian people reflect people's pursuit and yearning for a better life. More places of historic interest in 3 d puzzle toys please visit the product page.
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