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Three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle toys manufacturer in Shanghai show

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-04
Three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturers to participate in the Shanghai exhibition

3 d puzzle factory co. , LTD. , for the 2012 toy fair in Shanghai. Today is the first day of the exhibition. Autumn in October, the weather in Shanghai is a little cold in the morning and evening, but the Shanghai new international exhibition center, very busy. Look, booth last-minute people come and go, booth three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle product color bright, modelling is chic. China's first aircraft carrier of liaoning, frigates, Chinese history, zhiyuan, and set far, these military model 3 d puzzle has attracted many customers. Castle cartoon jigsaw puzzle of mushroom house, purple castle, windmills, cartoon lovely modelling, bright colors can see far. The first day of the exhibition, the company has received several interested buyers. A lot of old customers. Communicate with each other on the business of some progress and problems encountered. The development of the Internet, and give a lot of stores a lot of impact and pressure. How to coordinate from new customers on the network and ensure that the interests of the old customers, the question really should be taken seriously, to do something well. We hope our three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle is doing better! If you are interested in the above 3 d puzzle, please click on our customer service QQ or call our hotline at 400-000-1711. - - - - - - Editor 01 sourcing consultant LTD. All rights reserved, reprint please indicate the source
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