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Three-dimensional puzzle of choose and buy when, parents should pay attention to several points

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-09-09
Three-dimensional puzzle of choose and buy when, parents should pay attention to what time

1, the optional subjects of interest to the child first according to the child usual hobbies to choose children three-dimensional puzzle, such as to see what type of toys the child likes to play, is a model plane, or a toy car? Three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle toys with different ages, different theme is the theme of the series of products for parents to choose, can do more when buying options. Choosing a three-dimensional puzzle for the child, parents need to consider more, if you ignore this, may affect children to play with. 2, select appropriate number of three-dimensional puzzle pieces should be according to the age of choose and buy when choosing a three-dimensional puzzle, general 3 d puzzles are marked on the packaging of the product which conforms to the age of identifiers, such as logo, with 5 + refers to the product conforms to the children over the age of five. At the same time also can according to the star on the le cubic three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle box difficulty to judge the choose and buy, such as painted painted with u u, said the product's assembly difficulty coefficient is 4 star, the star is higher, on behalf of the more difficult it is to difficult. Can be from easy to difficult, step by step, for easier three-dimensional puzzle can let children develop a sense of achievement, and more difficult to three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle can let children cultivate patience, increasing the observation. Don't think that the more pieces make children feel more interesting. 3, don't always challenge the difficulty coefficient high three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle some parents see the child well assembled, just thinking about buying the difficulty coefficient is higher 3 d puzzle, several stars for their children, but this time the child will be done could not be assembled and produce a lot of frustration, even for three-dimensional puzzle assembly boredom, lead to don't want to play or a long time don't want to touch the three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. Although modest setbacks can improve the ability of the child's frustration, but too difficult will make children lose confidence and interest, so parents friends don't overestimate the ability of the children. , has been 17 years of history. Product quality is good, not only has more than 20 national patents and copyright hundreds of products, is also a Disney qualified suppliers, the company has a strong design team, every month of original products, the love of parents. The url
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