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Through the quality management system certification

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-13
Through the quality management system certification!

the quality management system certification is not directed against a specific product authentication, but each product to meet quality system, mainly to the enterprise's ability to meet the quality requirements of process and system certification. Certificate issued by China quality certification center audit, is the weight of the gold content! So when sealing the factory 'quality management system certification certificate' sent to our company, the company boiling, company staff all excited and happy, this is another victory, it is also our staff's victory, the arrival of this certificate proves that we pay to get the recognition and rewards, has once again proved that the quality of the puzzle, and strength! Do toy is the safest and most at ease in the world have the same business philosophy, adhere to let parents trust responsible attitude to customers, has always insisted on the use of safe non-toxic environmental protection high quality material, under the supervision of the quality system certification, believe that can present the three-dimensional puzzle most high quality and safety for everyone!
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