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time matters little to world’s fastest jigsaw puzzle maker

by:Lovelybird Toys     2019-11-23
Maybe because she broke the world record, she has found the answer to all the puzzle games.
But Georgina Gill
Lacuna also has an unsolved problem: the mystery of time.
She likes this.
Sharp enough to be the fastest puzzle maker in the worldyear-
A retired businesswoman admitted: \"I don\'t wear a watch.
I don\'t mind if it\'s too late.
Every day, she takes three to four hours to complete her puzzles, usually while watching TV.
She has worked out a plan to sort out the work: first by color, then by monotonous hue.
She was very focused on putting them together, adding up to her Guinness Book of Records.
Get a collection of 1,028 puzzles.
Just like 1028, 3a. m.
At the end of the day, nothing but a number becomes.
Like the drooping pocket watch in Salvador Dali\'s persistence in memory (
Persistence of Memory)
This puzzle Lecuna can identify with herself most, and the ticking of the clock is no longer important to her.
\"I don\'t stop when I like what I\'m doing,\" she said . \".
Her patience and perseverance, the secret of her enduring hard work, were built on the humble beginnings.
Before she has the money to travel and pursue such expensive hobbies, she has her own \"struggle for survival \".
\"She remembers how she used to sell goods at small department stores and cuibao Street.
\"After I graduated from a private high school, when my parents could no longer afford to go to college, life began to get miserable,\" she said . \".
As the biggest child, she must make a living at the age of 16.
But the struggle is short.
Live for those who don\'t give up walking and working until dawn.
Lacuna was able to start a garment line and soon became the country\'s leading maker of maternity clothing, \"Buntis \".
\"I was able to buy a house by the age of 27,\" she said . \".
How she collected the puzzle, inspired by a mother --and-
Son\'s experience
On one of their trips to Hong Kong, she purchased and completed her always favorite £ 5,000
Create a Disney puzzle for her then two-year-old Gino.
Lacuna\'s discovery: \"When I started my first puzzle, I realized that I could challenge.
I have been traveling around the world since then to collect puzzles.
\"In the early days of her collection, she chose the masterpieces of Picasso and Vincent van Gogh, as well as the jigsaw puzzles of the places she has traveled to, especially those like her spiritual beliefs, such as the sittin church.
\"My collection is getting bigger and bigger, but I didn\'t have a plan to compete at the time,\" she said . \".
The blank collection is no longer limited to classics-
It now includes color globe, crystal panda, Coke collection, underwater adventure, Royal Castle, Vampire Diaries, 3D, or even 4D or jigsaw puzzles --on-
Miniature models of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Mayan pyramid puzzle.
Lacuna cited the benefits of completing the puzzle: \"The benefit of the puzzle is that it improves the mental ability of the work and organization.
The function of your left and right brain, you become clearer.
At the urging of the businesswoman, she said, \"unlike other puzzles, such as crossword games, you can sell it and make more money after the crossword game is completed.
\"If it weren\'t for the Guinness Book of World Records she won last year, Lecuna might never open her collection for the public.
\"My puzzle used to be useful only to my eyes,\" she said . \".
It is precisely because of the needs of the public that the puzzle building has become a tourist attraction in da Yatai.
\"From the news that I was awarded the Guinness Book of Records, people began to come the next day.
\"It caused a stir overnight,\" she said . \".
Wearing a long dress with a lot of cosmetics
By the end of the week, she became the Queen of the jigsaw puzzle, personally taking visitors to visit her mansion and explaining to them the history behind each artwork.
\"I asked the children to touch my puzzle so they could aim at something like this so they could bring honor to the country and legacy to their families,\" Lacuna said . \".
One day, she believes, these children will find themselves no longer in the jigsaw puzzle, but in the actual place.
\"When you put the puzzle together, you may be building your dream,\" she added . \".
Lacuna\'s biggest insight is: \"It\'s worth the effort and focus.
It\'s worth being a good person who doesn\'t lie.
You can be a businesswoman without being rude.
\"Her business now has workers and relatives who have been with her for nearly 35 years.
\"I must be a good boss,\" she said . \"
She plans to pass on her collection to the same person one day, hoping to be in a larger museum by then.
The Guinness World Record for the ravensger puzzle does not stop her from making another history.
Defect is working at 32,000-
A 6 feet-wide jigsaw puzzle featuring a review of the brightly colored images of Keith Haring artwork.
She is eager to finish the world\'s biggest puzzle by July 2013 to catch up with the Guinness Book of World Records.
\"I never knew I would be the Guinness world record holder at the age of 61,\" Lecuna said.
I never know that high school graduates can live a comfortable life in the future.
God is good to me. ”(
The author is a journalism student at the University of the Philippines.
Kui presents the story of the economic law magazine under the 101-level Curaçao file hosting tons. Chua.
The senior reporter conducted a more in-depth study of the current issue and published Villa\'s file.
Vera is \"true\" of Latin \". \")
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