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Toy manufacturer small make up tell you toys early education effect is good for baby choose toys three points

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Children are the hope of every family, puzzle toys parents are willing to buy toys for the children, toys, not only can make the children happy, can help children improve intelligence, to the development of children's mental and physical labor ability, so it is correct? More expensive toys, ok? The following tips you choose baby toys. Toy manufacturers the author tell you choose age-appropriate toy. According to the choice of children's age choose toys, each different age paragraph the children need toys, don't pack bract only eight when he prepared for the children. 9 months old toys. Think of a few months baby toys, no hair, because at that time baby respiratory tract fragile hair, some easy to hair loss sucked into a respiratory tract clogged, easy cause choking. This is a suitable for baby's safe choice. With the different needs of different age children's psychological toys. Any time the baby tastes, but if the toy is not age, so big no puzzle toys, baby toys too simple can be just for a child; If the toy is too complicated, it may be the baby can play very well, but the child is not only a knowledge ability and activity. Therefore, the rational choice of baby toys, can truly play fun and learning. Toy manufacturers the author tell you two is to choose the suitable for baby's sex toys. To a baby's shape and color of choice is to have cultured, usually girls like dolls or color more slant red toys, there are some beautiful things, but the boy in the car more interested in puzzle toys, planes, etc. If buy cars and aircraft girl, girl don't love; Can't use it to buy a doll play boy, girl will be laughed at. So buy consider sex toys. Toy manufacturers the author tell you three is to choose the health and safety of toy company. Should choose a few toys made of non-toxic materials, but for the color of the toy does not fall off, the surface should not have sharp edges, it is best to smooth, it is not the baby, very easily if a group of children play with other children. But had better not choose toys, such as whistle, so easy to healthy insecure, sometimes also took the floor of the mouth, this is no guarantee to the health of the baby. Have toy had better not too small, jigsaw puzzle so easy to make the baby to eat, cause choking. But for the sound of the toy will beep, had better not too high, if the baby suddenly shake deaf ears play it roar, damage eardrum. In many toys in front of the market, parents should learn to how to choose a safe toy? Who introduced scientific choose three points of the toy's parents, hope to bring you help.
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