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Toy manufacturer to tell you which toy is not appropriate to the child?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Parents forced points according to the subjective judgment of men and women to buy educational toys/toys, books, that would deprive the children the fun of childhood, children's character orientation in the future, what type of toys and play doesn't matter too much, parents can be as long as the correct guidance, educational toys really work? Actually different toys have different style, can cultivate baby's ability to different. But you know what kind of toy is not able to give children to play with? Toy manufacturers today the author is to share it. Toy factory tell you unqualified toys for children have different degrees of safe hidden trouble, inductive, mainly concentrated in two aspects: one is mechanical and physical aspects, such as: toys on Swiss, may cut skin, horns, could plunge into eyes; Falls off small parts, children may be swallowed cause suffocation; Sound is too big, may damage the child's hearing, etc. , will cause harm to children. Is chemical performance, the main heavy metal element content exceeds bid is material, will damage the baby's heart, liver, kidney, and skin, gastrointestinal, respiratory and neural systems, such as chemical hazards long incubation period, irreversible, and are also more serious consequences. Through the above toy manufacturer to tell you the toys will not be able to give the child to play, you should have certain understanding! If you want to know more further or need toys, welcome to inquire our company or pay attention to our company's website.
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