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Use opportunely puzzle train baby's thinking ability

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-30
Use opportunely baby puzzle train thinking ability

to children in a certain time, a bunch of very chaotic, the seat of tiles, the spell of fixed, a can't wrong beautiful pattern, is really a need to have keen powers of observation and considerable patience to finish the work. In each other irrelevant pictures, finally find a able to connect, to cultivate their ability of thought is very good exercise. Therefore, someone compares the jigsaw puzzle of vitamins for brain. Choose 3 d puzzle for your baby, be sure to select design simple, big block, less blocks, quality of a material is thick puzzles. Such as the design is the baby like the small animals and fairy tale characters, animation cartoon or familiar with the transport, etc. And those blocks, pattern is complicated, is beyond the baby's age can understand the scope of the'm in a complete fog let baby looked, lose interest quickly puzzles, don't buy. Jigsaw puzzle, 3, 5 - age 8 12-4 years old 18 pieces of 18 at the age of five 35 pieces of 35-6 years old 50 pieces
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