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Use opportunely puzzle train baby's thinking ability

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-09-18
Use opportunely baby puzzle train thinking ability

choose the puzzle for the baby, be sure to select design simple, big block, blocks, less texture is thick puzzles. Such as the design is the baby like the small animals and fairy tale characters, animation cartoon or familiar with the transport, etc. And those blocks, pattern is complicated, is beyond the baby's age can understand the scope of the'm in a complete fog let baby looked, lose interest quickly puzzles, don't buy. The baby has just started to play puzzle, parents must be in next to guide and help him to learn how to play. Because the child age small, observation analysis ability is weak, has not been too much patience. Parents in the side to be his playmate, timely remind him to observe design characteristics, turn block diagram to the right point of view, makes him easy to find the link between the block diagram, or quietly put the correct figure piece to the baby's hand, inspire his bold begin, strive for success. Children play slowly at first, is often also spelled wrong a picture. Parents must not be impatient at this moment, to be patient to treat the baby in the puzzle errors, encouraged him to develop self-confidence, never say you have no long eyes? If you like it was really stupid to hurt him. If a child at that time is not a complete puzzle, it does not matter, parents can help him to complete the remaining part, on the one hand, let the baby to enjoy the pleasure of success, education on the other hand the baby to do things stead fast, by halves. So baby would feel fun puzzle game, the next will happily volunteered to play puzzle, gradually increase the level of play. Method 1: from easy to difficult guidance for the baby didn't play jigsaw puzzles, you'd better to demonstrate his four pieces of puzzle into a complete picture of the process, and let him watch the final spell pattern. Then you try to remove one piece of the puzzle, aside, this puzzle is missing a piece, and then let him watch move that piece of the puzzle of the up and down or so of the edge and color features, and let the baby try to put this piece of the puzzle back to its original position, form a complete picture. According to the baby's actual ability, you can gradually increase the difficulty and by removing 2 piece to remove 3 piece, even disturb the four pieces of the puzzle completely, let the baby to spell. Method 2: heuristic lead, when playing with the puzzle you need baby always inspired thinking and observation, rather than to help the baby. For example, you can remind the baby in the game: this piece of the puzzle can line and the line of that piece of the puzzle together? The color of the two pieces of puzzle the same? Can you put together? Look for each piece of the puzzle four sides and four corners, and see what they have is not the same?
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